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what is your view of senator mike gravels "national initiative"?.?

what is your view of senator mike gravels "national initiative"?.

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    obama needs to compromise . the GOP is objecting to raising the debt ceiling again . well , lets fix that . the republicans are only " suggesting " more cuts . but in the last 26 years we have given the rich a minimum of 36 TRILLION dollars of tax breaks that were supposed to " boost the economy and create jobs " but it has not worked out the way reagan and bush wanted those breaks to work . it turns out that the rich have just hoarded all that money . none has ever trickle down .

    it's time to bring back revenue . we need to bring back the pre reagan era fed tax rates on corporations and the rich . the government would be able to start to PAY DOWN the debt instead of keep raising it . i'm sure obama would delay the ACA a year for that . both sides give a little . it's a great compromise . it's a win - win plan . mike gravels needs to make up a bill for this right away for the senate to vote on .

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