My parents are annoying?

My mom always wants me to write her emails for her for her music business and always uses my printer. My dad comes to my room to copy things out of my printer for him and my mom. They also bother me when I trying to study or do hw sometimes just relax. They never bother my brothers. I feel like I have no privacy also they care more about my brother wedding then my sweet 16 that was supposed to be in January but is moved back to March because my brother wants to proposed to his girlfriend at my sweet 16. My relatives and friends from israel were supposed surprised me on my sweet 16 and now my relatives from israel are coming to my brother wedding instead of mine but my friends are still coming to support me. Im the youngest also last friday I found out that i sprained my knee and so I have to wear a brace and relax my knee and they dont care about that. I already starting planning for my sweet 16 with my mom and because of my oldest brother my candle list is ruined because my grandparents are not coming to my sweet 16 instead they are coming with my other relatives to his wedding. What should i do? Also I always have to wait for them to pick me up from school and work. When I come from school I got no greeting. Also I have to wake up by myself and do everything by my self without my parents.


also they never supported me when i had my tennis matches.

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    7 years ago

    Well dear, you certainly are not SUPER COOL. You live in your parents home; they paid for it. They own your room, your bed, dresser, clothes, the hot water for your shower or bath; your food, the laptop/computer whatever you have.

    Therefore, they have a right to enter the room where your bed is.

    As for upset about your sweet 16 party; well, how is being 16 any different from being 15 or 17? It's a number. There never used to be sweet 16 parties. Ridiculous.

    I always woke up myself when I went to school. I didn't expect anyone to do that for me. That's how you become an independent individual. You don't want to be a baby all your life.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Well all that is because of you bro's thing you should know is that wedding are only once & they never happen.even birthdays are only a year that is. All am saying is that let them be done with your brother's wedding then amn sure they will now focus on you.its just the wedding,it will fade out.don't worry

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