Which is better to work at, Starbucks or Taco Bell?

I recently was offered a job at a Starbucks in my local mall and a Taco Bell. I'm not exactly sure what to choose. Which pays more and gives more hours, more fun and better to work for, etc? Taco Bell is closer but I also like Starbucks. Help?

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    Below are a few employee reviews from Starbucks and Taco Bell which should help.

    Starbucks pros: Offers medical plan for part time employees: (20 hours or more a week)Flexibility, health, vision, dental, tips.

    Pros – - 30% discount

    - free drink 30 mins. before and 30 mins. after (and unlimited drinks during) your shift.

    - health benefits

    - some managers deviate from availability, but most try to get to schedule you for the days/hours you ask for.

    - it is easy to transfer to other locations

    - free markout every week (one pound of coffee/tea/VIA)

    - coffee knowledge

    -close at 9:00 PM

    Cons – Highly variable schedule, no Paid Time Off until 1+ year, expected to work holidays, low pay for college graduates but good pay for high school students.

    Taco Bell

    Pros – Friendly co-workers

    Food discount

    Flexible hours

    Most of the time you'll get the days off that you request

    After a year you'll get a full week paid vacation

    Pros – -Better then average pay. The minimum wage here is 7.25, and I started higher.

    -Flexible hours

    -Next weeks schedule is given to you ahead of the end of the week.

    Pros – Free Food, Friendly Environment to Work In

    Advice to Senior Management – There are plenty of teens being stuffed onto an 8 hour shift schedule Friday-Sunday till 12 in the morning for little pay. While, yes. The point is, its their job, BUT they're also giving up their social life and time to really work on schoolwork, for not a lot of money. Instead of cramming everyone on at the same time, for long periods of time, I suggest portioning out smaller ones throughout the week.

    Stores are open almost every day of the year while the corporate offices are closed for holidays in which all workers at the store level are expected to be there and be paid straight time. Sick days do not truly exist. Considering another member of your management team must work in your place, you are obligated to make up the day. Vacation time is limited to one week at a time and must be scheduled months in advance.

    Pros – A job that pays the bills. I had this position in high school and it allowed me to do a lot more than my classmates.

    Cons – Not a lot of room for growth. They require an hour break if you are under 18 which I didn't like at all.

    Source(s): College Career Instructor
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    Not sure about how much they pay, but the vibe there seems very positive!

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    Starbucks.....it's not even close.

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