Annie Lennox talks about 'pornographic music videos' recently released. (Rihanna? Cyrus?)?

What's your opinion? How old are you? - I wonder if one's opinion depends on the age ;)

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    Sex sells, always has always will, I'm sure you've heard the saying worlds oldest profession, and would know what it pertains to, Annie in her heyday was a bit odd herself, but she sold her talent not her looks, although not a bad looking woman by any means, she just never had to take her clothes off to sell her music, she has that much talent, Todays female artists, not so much, so another saying would be If you cant amaze them with brilliance, Baffle them with BS, and what sells? Sex.


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  • 8 years ago

    I tend to agree with Annie Lennox. Some videos are going way overboard and I do know the ones that are mentioned. Sexy and Miley Cyrus just do not work. Rihanna is beautiful and does not need to strip to make it noticeable. I always admired Annie's rather neutral look. It can work in your favour. I am 50 years old, BTW.

  • 8 years ago

    There's a difference between porn and art. The artists you are talking about would definitely fit closer to the porn category. Although compared to some metal music videos, Rihanna and Cyrus are tame in comparison.

    Edit: I'm 25 by the way, sorry I missed that question.

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