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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 7 years ago

cool last names or first names?

I heard of this last name 'Zadox' I fell in love with it and a first name 'Ixtharus' it sounded really cool! So~ I'm wondering for some names that are alike to that c: I have a thing for names with X's and Z's XD lol. Please help me think of same names a like to 'Zadox' & 'Ixtharus c:! Thanks so much

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Girl names:

    Zabana (Zuh-bah-nuh)

    Zary (Zai-ree)

    Zenobia (Zuh-noh-bee-uh)

    Zuleika (Zoo-lei-kuh)

    Zyxian (Zix-ee-en)

    Xalvadora (Zal-vuh-doh-ruh or Sal-vuh-doh-ruh)

    Xandra (Zan-druh or San-druh)

    Xantara (Zan-tah-ruh)

    Xanthe (Zan-they or Zan-thuh or Zanth or Zan-thee)

    Xaviera (Zuh-vee-ei-ruh)

    Xexilia (Zuh-zil-ee-uh or Suh-sil-ee-uh)

    Xhosa (Zho-suh)

    Ximena (Zih-men-uh)

    Xinavane (Zin-uh-vain or Zin-uh-vai-nee or Zin-uh-vah-nee)

    Xiomara (Zee-oh-mah-ruh or Zee-oh-mai-ruh or See-oh-mah-ruh or See-oh-mai-ruh)

    Xochitl (Soh-cheel)

    Xolani (Zoh-lah-nee or Soh-lah-nee or Zoh-lei-nee or Soh-lei-nee)

    Xylia (Zih-lee-uh or Zeye-lee-uh)

    Xylona (Zeye-loh-nuh or Zih-loh-nuh)

    Xyzyx (Zeye-zyx)

    Boy names:

    Zaire (Za-eer or Zair)

    Zako (Zah-koh)

    Zamiel (Zah-mee-el or Zei-mee-el)

    Zander (Zan-duhr)

    Zebulon (Zeh-byoo-lon or Zeh-boo-lon)

    Zephyr (Zeh-fuhr)

    Zevi (Zeh-vee)

    Zhane (Zhain)

    Zhivago (Zhih-vah-goh)

    Zubin (Zoo-bin or Zyoo-bin)

    Xadrian (Zei-dree-en or Sei-dree-en)

    Xakery (Zah-kuh-ree)

    Xander (Zan-duhr)

    Xanthus (Zan-thus)

    Xanto (Zan-toh)

    Xenon (Zeh-non)

    Xenos (Zeh-nos)

    Xerxes (Zer-zees or Zer-sees or Ser-sees)

    Xhaiden (Zhei-den or Shei-den)

    Xorn (Sorn or Zorn)

    Xylander (Zeye-lan-der)

    Xylon (Zeye-lon)

    Unisex names:

    X-iomania (See-oh-mei-nee-uh or Zee-oh-mei-nee-uh or See-oh-mah-nee-uh or Zee-oh-mah-nee-uh)

    Xanadu (Zuh-nah-doo or Suh-nah-doo or Zuh-nah-dyoo or Suh-nah-dyoo)

    Xenophon (Zeh-noh-fon)

    Xidorn (Zih-dorn or Sih-dorn)

    Xipil (Zih-pil or Sih-pil)

    Xiuhcoatl (Shy-wha-koh-tul)

    Most of the pronunciations are guesses... I couldn't find any good surnames but lots of the names, especially the unisex ones, could work as surnames.

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  • 7 years ago

    Azriella Zenith



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  • Willem
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Xerxes (one-time King of Persia)

    Zbigniew (Polish masculine forename)

    Pieterszoon (Dutch surname)

    van Texel (Dutch surname)


    Zorba (Greek)

    Zoltan (Hungarian forename)

    Zsolt (Hungarian forename)

    Koncz (Hungarian surname)

    Xenia (Greek)

    Ximenez (Spanish)

    Praxiteles (Greek sculptor; 4th century BC)

    Zhukov (Russian surname)

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  • 7 years ago

    'Colin' - big, burly, sexy-Scot in a kilt-type name... with nice knees [Phwoar!]

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