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Mathew A.J asked in SportsBasketball · 7 years ago

Update me on the NBA?

Hi, so I was very busy this summer and didn't have time to concentrate on the off-season.

Can you please update me on the big news. The most recent trades, big stuff that happened? I'm a Celtics fan, who are our starters this year.? I know Rondo, Bradley, Jeff Green, and Gerald Wallace probably for sure. But who's gonna be our center? Kelly Olynyk?

I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!! #BleedGreen

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    7 years ago
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    Well Kelly Onlyk had a amazing summer league performance and is looking to be huge offensive center threat very soon, so he'll start.

    Bradley wants to play PG for you guys and seeing as rondos injured he might get the gig especially if you trade rondo for draft picks (sorry but it could happen)

    Brandon Bass has been progressing nicely so assuming he'll take 6th man

    Apparently you guys arent tanking but.....i dont think you have a choice

    Josh Smith in Detroit

    Mike Miller with grizzlies

    Kobe, Rondo, Westbrook, Rose all coming back off injuries

    Houston landed Dwight Howard

    GSW have signed seth curry (stephs younger brother from college) and Andre Igoulada

    Nate robinson is with Ty Lawson now to form a dynamite small combo

    D-Wade, King James and the dinosaur contracts are all expiring next year

    OKC got rid of nearly everyone one but KD, Westbrook and Lamb

    And Chicago Bulls are gonna win the title ;)


    Source(s): Bleacher Report,
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