If we are going by separation of church and state then shouldn't that include even the opinions against it?

We should not be able to bring the subjective of religion at all and that even include those opinions against? If we are going to stick to a separation of church and state then the whole subject should be left out. You should not even be able to bring up religion as one who opposes it?


You shouldn't be able to bring up the subject all together.

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The whole subject shouldn't be brought up all together then.

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@Gazoo: I agree but also atheism is not scientific and science isn't atheistic in nature so a scientist should stick to the information it offers and keep the scientist should keep the conclusions to them self.

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@Happy: Religious identity is nothing. The separation of church and state does not take away one's right to search out and follow their conscience. God never wanted us to turn His education into a earthly one.

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@wushaboy: I agree.

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@Tall willow: I have no clue how you gathered that from what I said? Lets consider we have One God who gave us a conscience and no one can control you when it comes to searching your conscience and following. However one does not have to spout their religious identity in a school setting and God never intended us to. You have no clue when you treat the bible like a subject in school what you are actually doing. Either deal with the Living God which isn't a belief or a religion or drop it all together.

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Boy I always find it amazing how people keep missing the point almost as if it was intended. Perhaps it is?

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    The constitutional precept of separation of church and state only goes in one direction, from the state to the church. The U.S. Government cannot and does not actively endorse any one particular religion.

    There is no law that forbids the members of a religion from working for the state, voting in elections, running for office, or (legally) influencing our elected leaders.

    If one were to enforce a separation of church and state from the church to the state then over 90% of Americans would be excluded from most of the rights of citizenship.

    The Most Sacred of All Property: Religious Freedom and the People of Maryland: A Statement from the Catholic Bishops of Maryland http://www.mdcathcon.org/library/resources/RLLaunc...

    With love in Christ.

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    I think you misunderstand what the separation of church and state is. It's the separation of government and religion. A private citizen speaking out against religion (or speaking out for it) is protected by our freedom of speech. The government would be violating that if it stepped in to silence those voices.

    Separation of church and state does work both ways, though. It keeps religion out of government (which the religious are up in arms about) but it also keeps government out of religion (which most religious people are just fine with). People seem to forget that the separation of church and state was originally championed by many different religious denominations - they didn't want any of the others to get preferential treatment, so they separated government and religion altogether.

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    Freedom of speech protects the individual expression of opinion both religious and otherwise.

    The separation of church and state is about state sanctioning or endorsement of religion like what happens in Islamist countries.

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    separation of church and state is one of the principals that the USA is founded on. This is part of how we have freedom of religion.

    This does not mean if I am a Christian and go into politics I will not honor God in my political activities.

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  • 7 years ago

    Stating opinions on religion does not in any way contradict the separation of church and state, silly. Keep the government out of religion, and religion out of governance. That's all. In the meantime, state whatever opinions you choose.

  • 7 years ago

    Separation of church and state is in place to keep laws from being influenced by religion, and to keep the country from forcing people to follow one religion. You can talk about religion all you want. Just don't try to make laws denying people basic human rights based on your religion.

  • NDMA
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    The separation of church and state is just a smoke screen used by a minority with ideas that are not selling to try to force those ideas down peoples throats using the judicial system rather than the normal path through the legislature.

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    Totally missed the concept of State, didn't you?

    The government cannot interfere with the practice of one's religion. That does NOT mean that private individuals can't criticize it. Or even prevent you from practicing it on on their private property.

  • 7 years ago

    Freedom of speech is a First Amendment right.

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    7 years ago

    You can get away with alot if you start off with, "In my opinion"

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