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Is an audi r8 a rich person car?

I went on a date this with this guy, he pick me up in audi r8. I was just wondering if an audi r8 is an exotic car?

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    Yes, they cost over $100,000.

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    An Audi R8 is considered an exotic car and the owner may or may not be wealthy. Anyone with enough income can finance one, doesn't mean they are rich. Also, what is your definition of rich? A guy making $400,000 a year is doing well, but is not rich but could certainly afford an R8. A guy with $15 million in assets can pay cash for that car and would be considered wealthy. It's all relative.

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    Listen Alice,thats funny.Yes the car is expensive,but those who care should not.When I was sixteen I drove a new Corvette.My parents are loaded but I was broke.

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    yes however you dont have to be rich to rent a car like that. if he actually owned the car then good for him but if it was a rental then its sad because e was trying too hard in all the wron ways to try to impress you.

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    At $180,000 I'd say yes. But you can rent exotic cars also.

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    It means he has more than average money, but don't ask him how much money he has. Just say somehting like, "Wow, nice car! Is it exoitc?" or "Wow, how much did this cost you?

    Source(s): I prefer Corvette Stingray or ZR1
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    It's not cheap

    Source(s): It's not an economy car
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