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What should I wear to the President's Cup?

My boyfriend and I are going to watch the President's Cup today in Dublin. I've never been to a golf tournament before and I'm not sure what to wear? Is it like a jeans and a blouse event? Or what? Help!

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    NO jeans! Golf courses frown on jeans. As far as I know, spectators also need to adhere to the golf course's dress code. Wear pants or shorts with a polo shirt or blouse. Wear sneakers or comfortable shoes or sandals, you'll be walking a bit. High heels are not appropriate. Call the course and ask what their dress code is for spectators.

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    For future references, wear a collared shirt, and formal pants, golf skirt, etc. USA!! lol.

    Source(s): Competitive golfer, and been to various LPGA, and PGA events, as well as a U.S open.
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    umbrella, raincoat, and nothing else

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