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True or False: the Bible is merely a collection of earlier Fertile Crescent myths, spiced with some sexiness?

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    “Even if we could read the Bible in Hebrew, we would still be reading a highly selective and edited version of events. It is not disputed that the bishops in the earliest Christian councils decided which texts should be included and which not. Texts which were considered unacceptable then, for whatever reasons, have always been regarded as outside the canon and therefore “apocryphal” rather than the canonised “holy” books.’ The 39 books of the Old Testament were the result of a protracted process of editing and collation.

    In the nineteenth century, a group of German scholars, studying various Biblical inconsistencies, came to the conclusion that there were four sources behind the Pentateuch, and their explanation is regarded by many as the best available. The word of Moses, which was supposedly written in the Sinai desert in the fourteenth or fifteenth century BC, was thus being edited hundreds of years later, whilst the Book of Genesis was an edited account of much earlier material.

    The first parts of Genesis, from the tale of Creation through the tales of Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, the Great Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Wars of the Kings in which Abraham was involved -- are all based on earlier Sumerian records. The origin of the Biblical seven days of creation is almost certainly the seven tablets on which the Enuma Elish was written. This is evident from the contrast between the first six Babylonian tablets describing Marduk’s acts of creation and the seventh tablet which is dedicated to a general exaltation of the god (and thus a parallel to the Biblical seventh day when God rested).

    During the last one hundred years, tens of thousands of clay tablets have been excavated in ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) dating back to 6,000 years ago. Archaeological and linguistic studies trace the origin of the Elohim concept to a Babylonian epic text known as the Enuma Elish, which deals with the creation of the heavens and Earth by a Babylonian God named Marduk. There is amazing similarity between Genesis and the Enuma Elish except that one credits the creation of heavens and Earth to God, whilst the other credits it to Marduk.

    The HEBREW, EXILED IN BABYLON, WERE INFLUENCED BY THE ENUMA ELISH, which had been the most sacred Babylonian ritual text for over a thousand years.”

    The earliest books of Genesis were handed down from generation to generation by oral tradition, before the Hebrew people developed a system of Phoenician writing, around 1000 BCE. So the Hebrews remembered bits and pieces of the Sumerian texts and wrote them down ADDING THEIR TWISTS AND SPIN ON IT when they learnt how to write.

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    The old testament is comprised of a collection of older folklore, thrown in with some good ol' polytheism, EXCEPT they don't make mention of other gods.

    The new testament is rewritten with the intention of being more of a story, rather than a collection. It still borrows that good old polytheistic vibe, just cut down to one god again.

    After reading both of these, you can get a good sense of what "history" was like in each time. What they wrote like, and how they express events is clearly different from NT to OT. However, the OT also have many different types of writing between books.

    Why would a god write (Or make others write) differently in different books?

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    Partly true .......

    .....................Myth is a living explanation of things beyond the 'mind' of man. They all share in a Truth beyond Understanding.

    It is an attempt to put into words unexplainable 'experiences' that mankind has held in the depth of Being ever since mankind was.

    So it is hardly suprising that they all contain the same 'themes' 'symbols' 'archetypal characters'.

    And beyond (whatever culural) myth ....... when one let's it become a 'real' doorway for the mind to see beyond .......... is the reality of ....... whatever is discovered by that soul!

    ........................ a pilgrimage into life.

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    There are other elements, e.g., the book of Job, and some of the Proverbs, but, no. The statement is quite false.

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    This is basically correct for the essence of the OLD Testament. The New Testament reflects the teachings and spirit of Jesus Christ.

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    Patently false

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    False. I guarantee you, there is not one argument that can disprove the Word of God.

    Anyone who thinks the Bible is wrong, is lacking comprehension.

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    Whoever assumes you are right, they have read the Bible in a complete unethical way.

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    Totally false.

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    For those who do not understand. :D The Laws in the Bible were adapted even by Modern societies, which proves that it is True.

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