What is happening in Grey's anatomy?

Ok, so i caught an episode of greys the other day, a new one, and i was utterly lost. The latest thing I remember is like Christina and Owen getting together...possibly something with lola... but i dont remember much. Oh, i remember mark having a grandbaby?? Im basically lost. Can any greys fan catch me up so i can understand the new season? Lol i am a bit pathetic, i know...

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    Hmm, not sure how much of a help I'll be because I'm not entirely sure where you're up to but I'll try explain the best I can :)

    (I don't know where you're up to remember lol so I'm just gonna give you some general info) Ok so you said Mark has a grandchild? Actually, he has a baby with Callie now. It was an accident and Callie didn't expect to get pregnant. At the time that Mark and Callie did it, Arizona was in Africa because she won the Carter Madison award and was offered to go there. Callie was going to go there too but they had an argument in the airport so Arizona went by herself. Arizona returned after a while and she and Callie got back together. Mark, Callie and Arizona all raise baby Sofia.

    I'm not sure if you know this but at the end of season 8 there was a plane crash with Meredith, Derek, Lexie, Arizona, Mark and Cristina onboard. Lexie and Mark died :( Arizona injured her leg which is now amputated. Owen fired Teddy at the end of season 8.

    In season 9 the hospital goes bankrupt and needs to be sold. Owen, being the chief of surgery, looks into it, and organises for a company called Pegasus to buy it. The people aboard the plane (Derek, Meredith, Arizona, Cristina and Callie (she wasn't on the plane but helps out with this) doesn't think Pegasus should buy the hospital so they seek money from a billionaire. In the end the Harper-Avery Foundation supported the hospital, making Jackson in charge. He renamed the hospital which is now called 'Sloan Grey Memorial Hospital' in memory of Lexie and Mark.

    Where we are up to Meredith and Derek have a kid named Zola and they recently had a son. Owen and Cristina have awkwardly broken up, and April was proposed to by a paramedic called Matthew. She said yes but loves Jackson. Arizona had an affair with a lady which Callie found on about and now they are broken up, although Arizona wants to make things right. At the end of season 9 there was a big storm, and Dr Webber went down to check something but got electrocuted. He survived (thankfully :D), but another girl got electrocuted. Her name was Heather Brooks. She was an intern (I'm not sure if you knew her). Alex is currently dating an intern called Jo.

    That's not everything but thats as much as I think I can think of :)

    Hope it helps!

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