Should Harry Reid use the nuclear option to defeat Tea Party obstructionists?

The Nuclear Option is a parliamentary maneuver which allows a simple majority to approve bills rather than the 2/3 "supermajority" currently required by Senate rules.

It works like this - Harry Reid can issue a ruling saying Senate bills can be passed with a simply majority. If the other party opposes this, Reid's decision can be upheld by a simple majority (I.e. 51 votes). Since Democrats have 53 seats they could take advantage of the Nuclear Option.

The Tea Party's obstructionist antics have resulted in close to a million people going without pay and is costing America roughly $300 million daily.

Should Senate Democrats respond with the Nuclear Option?

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  • DrPhil
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    8 years ago
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    I hope he does. It will illustrate and solidify the reality of his real obstructionism in the minds of the people.

  • mark
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    8 years ago


    The Nuclear Option is in fact a Senate ploy designed by Republicans with the sole purpose of ending a democratic filibuster and allow a vote to take place. It was originally used to end a filibuster on Bush appointments. The Dems threatened the same ploy 3 years later and I'm glad they didn't use it. It's just another game like debt ceiling negotiations

    In your example, you wrongly assume that the nuclear option can somehow overcome a GOP majority in the house. But, it can only be used in the Senate to overcome a filibuster in the senate during such times when the majority does not have a filibusterproof majority (60 votes)

  • 8 years ago

    That's fine.

    And the next time the GOP wins the Senate, the Dems will be unable to filibuster bills.

    That's the problem with the nuclear option. The survivors have to deal with the fall out.

  • 8 years ago

    That is how Reid passed the Affordable Care Act in the Senate because he no longer had the 60 votes he needed. They pretended since it reduced the deficit (lol), they could legally pass it using the 51 votes, all Democrats. Don't tell me I'm wrong. I watched it all happen on CSPAN. Democrats stoop to anything to get what they want. I hope the Republicans use every trick in the book to defeat the goals of this administration. The underlying agenda is ruining this nation. Nothing the Democrats do makes any sense in relation to the future sustainability of our country.

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  • 8 years ago

    Other than showing how desperate Democrats are to continue destroying jobs and driving up health care costs what would it accomplish? Just becaused Democrats in the Senate decide to ramp up their war on the American people doesn't mean the house will also vote to. Takes both sides to make anything happen.

    Also, you realize how silly the $300 million daily claim is when the shutdown is reducing government spending by about $3 billion day. Don't you?

  • 8 years ago

    if obamacare is not ready for corp america and more than 1200 waivers have been issued, why do the american people not deserve the same? this is not the teaparty. this bill was shoved through congress with no rep votes, tea party is the result of that action. this is owned by the dems. they would not work with reps in the beginning so this is their baby. i would think the middle school name calling does not help either.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It will only make matters worse. Very logical people KNOW the problem is medical COSTS driven by malpractice INSURANCE.

    Obamacare is INSURANCE.

    The problem can not also be the solution.


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Maybe he will ask his favorite "light-skinned neegro" (his words, not mine).

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