Cant find yahoo featured article on Affordable Care Act average cost per state breakdown from the other day?

Can anyone help me find this article?

I don't know the exact title, but it was about the average cost per state on the Affordable Care Act, or something like that? It had this big ole breakdown. And it was on 10/2/13 I think? Or recent.

Why does yahoo make it so hard to find an recent but old featured article? Sheesh.

Anyway, I appreciate the help. Thanks.

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    Maybe this one?

    These are for lower basic insurance plans. That often don't cover much.

    Deductible and out of pocket can make it much higher. So that cost shown here is really underestimated.

    Now more than ever you need to Read your insurance policies well.

    I had a watch on one post and it was on it.

    Ouch is all I have to say. Many can't afford that I have a feeling without making some serious sacrifices. If many apply for help that is going to be a really ouch--. They really like to try to soothe people by telling them most will qualify for subsidies. Its like they want people to think that all that money for subsidies just rains down from heaven to pay for it. Can you see more taxes/more borrowing, etc.coming? I can

    I am for nation health-just not this bill. I think it's so wrong in so many ways.

    Time will tell what will happen

    I agree --I hate looking for something that was just a day or two ago

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