where can I find the prior drug use standards for baltimore city police department?

I received a Thank you for your interest in bpd unfortunately you have not been selected at this time etc..I called a recruiter he told me that I passed the exam but i do not meet the state requirements...which are

Age of at least 20 years and 9 months at the time of application I am 22

U.S. citizen born in Maryland

Have a high school diploma or GED grad in 09

Have a valid driver’s license MD license

Have no felony convictions 2-3 tickets no points

Meet prior drug use standards- this is the only thing that i can see being the reason.....I experimented in 08/09 an estimate of <40 09 was the last time I smoked mj never did I use it again after the age of 19.....

Also I am looking for a sample appeal later for denied employment for the police department..

Please Help!

1 Answer

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