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Am I depressed??? Please help me?

For the past few months no matter how hard I try or what I do I just cant seem to make myself happy, I'm almost always in a bad mood and it is affecting my relationships with family and my boyfriend. I'm very snippy, I have always had a bad attitude but not like this. I don't really have any friends, I have two, but I'm 17 and they're 23&25, and I feel like they've lost interest in our friendship because I cant do most things with them they want me to because of my age. When I look at all of the pictures people put up on facebook and instagram with their friends I get incredibly sad and wish I had that. I've always been a "social butterfly" but since I started homeschooling my sophomore year of highscchool ive lost my friends slowly one by one. I'm incredibly jealous of my brother and his girlfriend because they live with family I don't ever get to see, and now I don't want to see just because my brother and his girlfriend live there. I don't do much, I sit in my small room all day and either play video games or do school work. I haven't seen my mom in almost a year and a half, and she has recently done something that has made me even more unhappy. My life hasn't been the best, I know all families have their problems but mine has problems that seriously affect my outlook on life and my parents. I feel so unwanted by everybody, I fell like I get really annoying when I talk to people so I don't. I want friends and I want to hang out with the friends I do have but I just cant bring myself to. There is nothing positive I can say about myself or my life, I cry about almost nothing on a regular basis. I will add I am on the birth control shot so that may have something to do with it but ive felt like this long before I started the shot. I have been to a therapist before when I was 13 and after only 20 minutes of talking to me she said she wanted to put me on antidepressants, I wouldn't let her and now I understand I was just being an emotional teenager. But now I really feel like I am depressed. is this because I literally have no life? Am I just overthinking? I don't know what to do anymore, I want to succeed in school but I have no motivation to. I feel like I let so many people down regularly, I feel like I'm a disappointment to so many people. Their is a lot of addiction problems running through my family, and I feel like I cant be ok with out some pills, since last year I have been really good about not taking any pills, but I have really been feeling the urge to lately. I forgot to add (To my long *** novel, sorry) that I have regular panic attacks, I get them when it involves doing anything with my dad....I've been told its because im afraid of his disapproval because we have had so many problems in the past. My panic attacks get very serious to where there have been multiple times where I should have gone to the hospital. I'm just not happy at all, I want friends and I want a life but at the same time I don't want to do anything about it. Should I see a therapist? I've really never liked the idea of antidepressants but I just want to be happy! Please help! I'm sorry that there is so much to read, believe me there could be a lot more. Someone please please please help me! I would appreciate it so much!


I just wanted to add a few things;I ffeel like no matter how hard I try with school or really anything else I wont be good enough or live up to peoples expectations.

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    yes you should see a therapist, and anti depressants won't hurt you. You need to go to the doctor, get checked, see if you're diagnosed with anything, and follow his instructions. You just need to think positive, no matter how bad the situation there’s always hope.

    At the very least you need to find a fun activity to take up your time so you push back your problems. Exercise is the best way, especially sports like karate or boxing that will toughen you up as a bonus. Else try video games or rock climbing or w/e. speak to a counselor, and talk to your family about this, talking makes everything better. Only a real human recognizes when they need help. What I always do when I’m sad is watch vine or cat videos and such, or read mike Tyson quotes. The past is the past, wondering about it accomplishes nothing. It’s the future that's important. You’ll never get anywhere in life if you care about what randoms say about you; you need to ignore all haters. You need to stay strong and slam on, that’s the ticket to success.

    You’re not a waste of space, everyone is special, and everyone has the potential for greatness, just like you. No one ever got anywhere by crying about their problems. Use your humility earned from suffering to be a better person. You are very lucky, you know what pain is, and you know how to avoid it. Looks are meaningless and can be changed with surgery or exercise, a good heart is what matters. Once you have that, you’ll need nothing else. You’re just a person- everyone is just a person, yet many have done incredible things and lived incredible lives. You could be next, you just need to believe, and then achieve. All you need in life to succeed is willpower. If you don’t like yourself, CHANGE yourself. If you want something, TAKE it. Everyone is born with a unique range of talents different from others; you just need to find them and use them to achieve greatness. Ignore all haters; let nothing stand in your way, just like heroes of yore. If you want a purpose in life, try helping others for a change. Lots of people are suffering in the world- and you have the power to help them, it’s expected if you're religious. If you do good in the world, then everything will work out for you. Consider lions club international which is a great club where you get to not only help others out, but also meet new friends and potential lovers. It’s great in every way. Or you could even join the police. Don’t be a random good for nothing anybody like everyone else. Be different, be superior. Don’t let evil win.

    Remember that killing yourself is a selfish coward’s act, and you'll go to hell for it. So many people are suffering in the world, are you just going to ignore them, and kill yourself? Are you so evil you don’t care about the suffering of others? What about your family and friends? Have some balls man. Or are you a little coward?

    You think you have it rough? There are people with infinitely greater problems, take a look at these types of videos, they’re guaranteed to cheer you up:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    if they’re missing limbs yet still get by in life, then you sure as hell can to! Cherish what you have. Most people don’t. As a last resort you could convert to religion, it usually helps. Priests do everything in their power to help others; you’d be among good selfless people who would only want the best for you in Christianity.

    Don’t give up, life is so beautiful, so full of love and joy and purity, you just have to fight for it first. You are human, you are precious, you are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    If you ever want to talk just email me, i'll help you in any way i can, i mean it. My email is

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    You sound depressed ,you should visit a doctor. A doctor could give you a professional diagnoses.

    Certainly having an outside life is important. Look into an outside hobby like karate , cooking, or collecting something. Helping out doing community services

    or helping out with taking care of animals, many places are looking for volunteers .

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    Yeah not going out is gonna depress you , im in the same situation . Id suggests do get on anti depressants .

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