This girl is confusing the hell out of me?

Alright, so I'm friends with a girl named Jenn, and we've known each other for about six or maybe even seven months, I'm too tired to count atm. Anyway, she is always very sweet to me which I don't complain about per say because she's a really nice girl and one of my best friends. But I really like Jenn, I've had a crush on her for a few months now and she knows this and she always flirts with me by calling me love, babe, beautiful, she'll say 'I love you' a lot, she always tells me how perfect I am out of the blue, like I'll wake up to three paragraphs about how much she misses me and how pretty/perfect/amazing I am or some other **** like that. In fact, just the other day she put her phone in a baggy and snapchatted me nudes while she was in the shower and claims im the only one who got to see them or ever gets to see her nudes. Great, right? But here's the problem. Jenn says she is straight whenever anyone asks ever. And i believe her, but it makes me wonder why she is doing this. Is she doing it to mess with my feelings and she's being a dick on purpose (i couldn't see her doing this, she's very sweet, like i said.) Is she doing this because she has feelings for me that she cant work out with her sexuality? Or is she just being nice and catering to me because she knows i like her? (What person doesn't want to see their hot straight friend naked in the shower on snapchat, right?) What do you guys think?

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  • 8 years ago
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    She must be lying about being straight.. It looks like she does have some kind of interest in at least experimenting or something. But I would just ask her instead of waiting for more signs, cause she's indeed being very vague....

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