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Why Do People Mock Me When I Try to Open up About Suicide?

I am a suicide risk. I have talked to two different psychiatrists, and I don't think I will act upon these urges to end my life. However, I don't understand why people are so judgmental of me. My psychiatrist was the first person not to show anger towards me when I tried to talk about this. Do people simply not understand suicidal people? It's completely uncontrollable. I have urges and fantasies and desires to end my life in a unique and haunting way. I have a wonderful family, good friends, a perfect boyfriend. I am smart and attractive enough. However, I feel that I am worth nothing. That I have no purpose. That I should end it. My emotional pain is so deep, and I feel guilty because there is no reason for it. That's the point. People like me feel guilt that they have these desires that they cannot control. I want to die, and all I get are people who don't understand my pain telling me that I'm a selfish coward who is going to hell. Why are people like this? Can someone tell me? Also, I am a Christian, and I know suicides do not go to hell if they have asked for forgiveness previously. The unforgiveable sin is forever denying Christ, NOT killing yourself, so I am just plain sick of so called Christians telling me this.

I should probably add that I am 23 years old, so I'm not some angsty teenager. Although I've been dealing with depression since I was a kid.

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    Here are some guidelines to check out for yourself. Work through this program for the next 30 days.... and you will find yourself in a different mental state.

    First of all I would check my diet: See articles below--make sure you are eating a healthy diet.

    Gluten, artificial sweeteners, food additives can contribute to depression

    Second of all I would watch my self talk and learn about healthy self-talk .....

    Youtube thumbnail

    What you believe is what you create

    Third I would start a gratitude journal and focus on all of the positives and add to it each day

    Fourth I would take up an exercise program--this will help naturally increase the happy chemicals in your body

    Fifth -I would learn all I could about happiness and how happiness is a minute by minute choice.

    Sixth I would eliminate ALL TV that does not contribute positively to your life –most TV shows program you for fear or other negative behaviors.

    Seventh --I would volunteer to help others for at least 2-3 hours a month..this will take the focus off of you.

    Eighth: Learn how your subconscious mind works! The Power of Intention

    Ninth: Get 3 X 5 Cards and write "afformations" ....yes that's right .."afformations" not affirmations.

    Afformations are in the form of a question....rather than a statement. Write at least 10 of them

    Example: Why am I so happy? Why do I attract positive loving kind friends? Why am I so well liked.

    Tenth: I would seek help in healing past are some free resources (also may provide you with resources )

    Science of Mind Practitioner at World Ministry.

    From within the United States or Canada call: 1-800-421-9600

    From all other countries call: 818 556-2298

    Eleventh: Start a book study group with your friends and choose some GREAT personal development books and study the book together. Help each other.

    Twelfth: Check out your local community college or community for courses that you can take or ask leaders in the community to come and talk to your school—


    Subscribe to uplifting newsletters with daily quotes: (see resources below)

    Fourteenth: Start a journal and write down your thoughts and if they are negative, explore them and write about how to change them.

    Fifteenth: Have patience with yourself – Each day we think at least 70,000 thoughts and many of those are negative. (these thoughts come from ourselves as well as from TV, Friends, Family, Internet, etc.) So each year we think (at least) 25, 550,000 thoughts----these thoughts are like seeds that get planted in our minds and many of them take root and continue to grow. If you are 15 years old you will have thought over 383,250,000 thoughts----changing the ones in there that are negative take time and patience. If you are 30—you have thought at least 766,500,000 thoughts. If you are 40—you have thought at least 1,022,000,000. The bottom line is patience and persistence and not giving up.

    Don't just "try" these things once, keep at it!

    When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

    ― Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

    “The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one’s freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstance.”

    ― Viktor E. Frankl

    Note: By the time we are age 4 50% of our beliefs, attitudes and ideas about the world are set in our mind .

    By the time we are 8 -- 80% of our beliefs, attitudes and ideas about the world are set in our mind By the time we are 18 95% of our beliefs, attitudes and ideas about the world are set in our mind---

    these beliefs, attitudes and ideas are set in our minds by our experiences with those in our lives and everything we see or hear.

    The gift that we have as human beings is that we CAN change.

    These beliefs attitudes and ideas are impacted by what we also experience as children and form subconscious fears, anxieties and beliefs that impact the REST of our lives. If not dealt with properly they can become future unhealthy relationships, hardships in life and dis-ease in our bodies.

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    Ok, to tell you the truth I've felt the same way many times. I have a good home life and everything but sometimes I just get really down. I honestly don't know why people would have that reaction. They should not be angry, they should just talk to you about it. I am also a Christian and I know that killing yourself probably won't send you to hell, but that's not the only goal of Christianity. You should want to please God and killing yourself won't do that. If you really feel like this you definitely need to have a heart to heart with your loved ones. Explain to them why you feel this way and also tell them it makes you upset when they get angry with you. Another thing to think about is who will miss you if you were gone, especially since you say you have a boyfriend, good family, etc. Also, you say you don't have a purpose? God wants us to be here so we can spread the Gospel. Show Him by showing others how strong you are. Even in the face of adversity you can be strong. You never know who's watching you. God had a purpose for everyone's life, what if you're supposed to help someone to The Lord? If you're gone that person could go to Hell. What I'm basically saying is, hang in there. People are cruel, your own head sometimes seems against you. That's just the devil working, trying to hurt you. That could mean your IMPORTANT! Just trust God and He will lead you in the right direction.

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    The unforgivable sin is blasphemy against the holy spirit. People deny Christ everyday.

    They don't understand that it's something you can't control. Just like with anything, you will never know the full weight of something unless you experience it firsthand. But, honestly, ignorance isn't an excuse. We're all human and we all have urges (both positive and negative). That's why I try to be as sympathetic as possible.

    Keep you head up! I wish you the best, and I hope you overcome your depression!! :)

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    If you can't be stopped, can you save someone else before you go?

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