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government homework help please ...?

1) The Court decided in Pierce v. Society of Sisters that an Oregon public school law _____.

A)was unconstitutional

B)violated the 1st Amendment

C)violated the 2nd Amendment

D)was constitutional

2) In its 1972 Furman v. Georgia ruling, why did the Supreme Court strike down all state laws allowing the death penalty?

A)It argued the death penalty was chosen with good reason.

B)It decided that the states had too much authority.

C)It ruled judges could make decisions as they saw fit.

D)It determined judges and juries had too much power.

3) The Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty could only be used in cases involving which kind of crimes?

A) crimes resulting in death

B)crimes resulting in injury

C)crimes that are felonies

D)crimes that are cruel and unusual

4) When the Court decides if the government’s methods are fair, it is basing its decision on _____.

A)procedural due process

B)substantive due process

C)the Constitution’s definition of due process

D)the Court’s definition of due process

5) Which statement best explains how many people feel about the right to bear arms?

A)The right to bear arms is as important as free speech.

B)The right to bear arms is an old-fashioned idea.

C)The right to bear arms is not part of the Constitution.

D)The right to bear arms violates the 14th Amendment.

6) _____ may suspend a writ of habeas corpus in a time of war.

A)Local law enforcement

B)Congress and the President

C)Leaders of the armed forces

D)A governor of a state

7) Which is true about carrying firearms?

A)Firearms are legal for felons to carry.

B)It is legal to carry firearms in government buildings.

C)Firearms are illegal for people who are mentally ill.

D)It is illegal to have firearms in the home.

8) In Schmerber v. California, the Court said that a search warrant was not necessary because _____.

A)the suspect’s blood was drawn in a safe way

B)the rights of the individual take precedence over public safety

C)the officer did not have time to secure a warrant

D)the suspect’s privacy rights cannot be violated

9) Which is true regarding ex post facto laws?

A)Ex post facto laws happen often in the United States.

B)Ex post facto laws are rare in the United States.

C)Only the states may pass ex post facto laws.

D)Only Congress may pass ex post facto laws.

10) In District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court found that the District of Columbia’s strict gun control law _____.

A)was constitutional

B)violated the 13th Amendment

C)violated the 1st Amendment

D)was unconstitutional

11) In an information document, the state prosecutor swears that _____.

A)a suspect is guilty

B)there is enough evidence to hold a trial

C)a legal search was conducted

D)there is enough evidence to convict a suspect


The 2nd Amendment was added to the Constitution to protect _____.

A)the freedom of the press

B) the freedom of speech

C) the right of each state to keep a militia

D) the individual right to keep and bear arms

13) Treason is a federal crime that can _____.

A)only be committed during wartime

B)only be committed by citizens living in the United States

C)only be committed by a foreign citizen

D)be committed in a time of peace or a time of war

14) The Supreme Court has ruled that the military draft and imprisonment _____.

A)do not violate the Emancipation Proclamation

B)violate the Emancipation Proclamation

C)do not violate the 13th Amendment

D)violate the 13th Amendment

15) If it determines that there is enough evidence to go to trial, a grand jury makes _____.

A)an indictment

B)an ex post facto law

C)a search warrant

D)a bill of attainder

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    I earn only two points!

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    1 D

    2 O


    4 Y

    5 O

    6 U

    7 R


    9 O

    10 W

    11 N


    13 W

    14 O

    15 R

    16 K

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    11 is B

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    The only one I know is 8. Answer is C. the officer did not have time to secure a warrant

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