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Does the sun revolve around the earth or does the earth revolve about the sun. I sense it is the earth spins whilst the sun is fixed and stationary.

And whilst I have your attention how can there be footage of the sun where it would be impossible for ,or talks to enter into a volcano as much as it would beta be in close proximity to the sun to enable filming.

Pardon my ignorance and thank you for your thoughts and any further facts elicited on this intriguing and fascinating topic. Funnily enough this was actually my first question on this site but was oddly erased. Maybe it was for fear of exposing my stupidity, maybe not.

Your thoughts.


Life should always be fun, work, rest, play should all invoke a sense of happiness peace and fun. Fun is joy and bliss and though life changes its mood and tone the ability to extract fun is the power of mind over will.

Thank you for your responses good people of yahoo. We cannot be the ideal for all, it is enough the good and sentient still find some merit in our self with the greatness and capacity to set free something that is fun though questionably so at times.

Thank you for your responses. Xxx

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    No the whole Universe revolves around New York City and the NYSE.

    The reason we can photograph the workings of the Sun, is that is suspended in a big ball above our heads; whereas, a Volcano doesn't hang up and float in the Air for our convenience.

    This section is been known to cure ignorance; but, then again, it has also been known to take it too a new level.

    You are 'very welcome' too frequent this thread as often as you like. We will all look forward to your input, or required extraction of knowledge you may require.

    Most of all: Have Fun.

    @TD: Ok, you have our permission too not have fun, and retain your floral perception.

    Source(s): @Nuf: You're so nice to convey that; thank you. But evidently there is one does not share this point. (Happy; is that you?)
  • 7 years ago

    Philosophically answering.

    The earth rotates around the sun 365 days a year.

    That is why we have a sunrise and a sunset.

    The moon rotates around the earth, but

    it does not spin, that is why you see the same

    side of the moon, every night.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Yes.The earth goes round the sun.And the moon goes around the earth.Volcanos are a separate issue.Asteroids also go around the sun.

  • Lesus
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    7 years ago

    You must not have been listening when they talked about the solar system in science class, and your second paragraph makes no sense at all.

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  • 7 years ago

    You are light - years ahead of me - I am still trying to manage where I am!


    x :)

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