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Isn't all of the United States a "Drug-free Zone"?

I don't understand "Drug-free Zones". Isn't that a bit redundant. Isn't the whole United States a "Drug-free Zone"? Next, maybe they'll come up with a "Rape-free Zone", or a "Murder-free Zone".


I guess it's more of a rant. It just seems stupid to me.

Update 2:

Dave: Yeah, police logic isn't always based on logic.

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    Drug activity in actual "drug free zones" (like schools) incur greater legal penalty's and mandatory minimums that tie judges hands during sentencing. They do this because the state wants to especially discourage drug activity in designated drug free areas so as to create drug free havens. Drug free zones are especially important now that some states are looking to legalize recreational use of certain drugs. While pot may be legal in two states it use is still limited to adults 21 and older most "drug free zones" are designed to protect minors from undue influence in their formative years.

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  • Dave
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    6 years ago

    Drug free zone means that if you are caught with drugs in a specifically defined area you will be permanently excluded from that area. If you are then later found in that same area, with drugs or not, you will be prosecuted for trespass. Whether it works or not can be debated, but it is a tool the police have for keeping lowlifes from frequenting areas where drugs are sold and used.

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  • Erin
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    6 years ago

    I agree. There's a town nearby that has a sign that reads "Zero Tolerance for Drugs." So I guess murder is okay, but don't you dare have any weed!

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  • 6 years ago

    -Don't most of us- WISH ?! :(

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