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How do mobile apps access the internet?

I was just wondering how mobile apps that require internet connect like Facebook or mobile banking apps get their information? What kind of requests does the app make to a server?

For example for mobile banking, when you log in it displays your checking/savings balance. How does it retrieve that information?


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    Internet connections are pretty much the same regardless of whether they are wired or wireless. So your mobile app either connects to the internet via WI-FI or the mobile cellular data network. So understanding wi-fi is pretty easy. A radio link provides the connection to the wi-fi router. From there, a wire connects to the larger internet. If you are out of a WI-Fi hotspot, the connection is via the cellular radio to a nearby cell tower. Then from there to the internet. Conceptually it's the same as wi-fi. just over a longer distance.

    Thanks to the ISO 7 layer network model, the app is not aware of the differences in the connection. It all works the same as far as the app is concerned.

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