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Boxing: Pro national team...who can beat US?

HW: Wilder

CW: Cunningham

LgW: Hopkins

SMW: Ward

JMW: Trout

WW: Mayweather

JWW: Garcia

LW: Broner

JLW: Donaire

FW: Santa Cruz...

Who beats America?

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    6 years ago
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    I am sure in a neutral ring and country like the Olympics, with neutral judges, referees and no filthy Zionists like Bob Arum or sleazy Djangos like Don King involved, Ukraine and Russia would throw their lions and destroy all the jokes you just posted there. Maybe Ward could be the only one winning gold. The rest and especially Wilder is just LOL! If USSR was united then I doubt Ward could win gold either. Kovalev or GGG would chase him and walk through him. Something that Froch and Kessler (weak minded Westerners full of white guilt) didn't have the talent, power, mentality and chin to do.

    Your "country" (we both know you have no country, all you care is BLACK SKIN) is not special in boxing, you need to realize that! If the boxers you mention were special they would have won gold at the Olympics or World Amateurs where there are no gift decisions thanks to your skin color and most importantly there are no filthy anti-white scums ala Arum and Don King. American professional boxing is nothing more than a more realistic version of WWE. To beat an American in the US you need to KO him cold otherwise you are getting robbed even if you win 13 out of the 12 rounds. I mean are your proud of the "victories" Bradley got over Pacquiao, Alexander got over Matthyse, or Foreman got over Shultz back in the 90's? REALLY NOW!

    You are delusional and your questions have failed big time. You need to get a reality check, ASAP! By the way do you realize that not even 1-2% of the global population cares about boxing, or consider it a standard of manhood? Make no mistake, I am proud for Eastern Europeans and white people of European origin in general winning regularly over 75% of medals at the Olympics and World Amateur Boxing tournaments and how they own the vast majority of the professionals titles as well from middleweight up to heavyweight, but at the same time I realize that boxing is just another combat sport like wrestling, MMA, Kickboxing, Judo, Karate blah blah. I can suppose that you probably live in a black ghetto and all you have to be proud about is American boxing, the NBA and hip-hop from all the thousands fields of human activity, but I hope you know that the true power and inpact on this world is translated in political and economical influence and military power, three things that your race has been historically inferior and uncapable to manage in big numbers. Heck in 400 years of history you just elected a president, and he's not even fully black. How many governors, Nobel Prize laureates or Military Generals have you guys produced in American history? 0,0000001% of the totals or something? Why don't you just give it a break with your insecure questions? When people think of America think of 43 white presidents, 400 white richest Americans, their 99,9% white rosters in Hollywood and TV series, their 100% sex symbols and icons, their 99% white roster participating in WW2 and their 100% white roster sending a man on the moon, their 99,9% white roster inventing pretty much everything of significance (I bet your consider peanut butter superior to the discovery of fire though LOL) and so on.

    When people around the world think of African-Americans think of slavery, crime, jails, oppressed people who have enjoyed freedom only for a few decades now, poverty and some great musicians& athletes from a very limited variety of sports as basketball and track and field. This is the truth to be told that you will never hear in your "political correct" and anti-white country of today. Nobody but you& your "breed" and a few self loathing white worshipers ala Blogbaba's kind think of your kind as "fighters". You ain't no fighters or warriors, HECK YOU DIDN'T EVEN FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM. When people think of warriors think of Spartans, Alexander The Great, Samurais, Romans, Vikings etc. not your enslaved and conquered kind. Wake up and stop annoying us with your stupid questions. OK? Thanks!

  • Rafael
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    6 years ago

    Here's my country

    Heavyweight: Andy Ruiz jr

    Cruiserweight: -

    LightHeavy: Chávez Jr

    SuperMiddle: -

    Middle: Marco Antonio Rubio

    JrMiddle: Saul Álvarez

    Welter: Juan Manuel Márquez

    JrWelter: Humberto Soto

    Light: Miguel Vásquez

    JrLight: Juan Carlos Burgos

    Feather: Abner Mares

    JrFeather: Leo Santa Cruz(he's mexican)

    Bantam: Hugo Ruiz

    JrBantam: Carlos Cuadras

    Fly: Juan Francisco Estrada

    JrFly: Moises Fuentes

    SW: Jesús Silvestre

    Counting all weightclasses seems pretty even if you ask me US can't beat us in the lower weight divisions but we can't beat you in the higher weigh divisons and its more even in the middle divisions

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