Rowan Atkinson coverted to islam ? is that right?

i;v recently saw a post on facebook abpu mr bean tht he convertd to the GREAT islam is that right?

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    News kononnya world leaders comedy, Rowan Atkinson or more recognizable as 'Mr Bean' Islam October 1 is now spread throughout the world through web pages and social media.

    He was reported initially by and one Israeli media

    According to both the media, Mr Bean explained bahawa main causes he chose Islam after watching the film Innocent of Muslims, the film that made slanderous and insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

    Mr Bean does not talk much when the media asked, just lift a finger to signal he bersyahadah sake only, reports the Indonesian web page,

    According to several sources of media portals, Sheikh Rashid Ghannousyi An Nahdah parti leader of Tunisia is one of a mentor Mr Bean.

    Mr Bean is famous in comedy siri next several films including Johnny English fruit.

    So now, the media stream premiere in the United Kingdom is still not broadcast on the news, although Arab media is excited about it.

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    Rowan Atkinson Wikipedia

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