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Zionist owned Brooking institute and Saban Center are promoting Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, What do you think?

If you go to Twitter and search for Shadi Hamid or H.A Hellyeller or other Brooking institute stooges you will find their promotion and financing of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East region. Why would Saban center and Brooking inst promote Israel enemies?

Many of Brooking institute and Saban appear regularly on Cnn, Aljazeera, Sky, others (Washington post, New York Times, etc)-

More and more information is coming out of Zionist sponsors of MB in U.S

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    Yes both elements, the parent Brookings and Saban offspring are Zionist propaganda centers and are helping ruin the United States so it only follows that they would be promoting hostility in Egypt which they want to also ruin.

    Many Americans do know who the problem group is.

    This is from the New Yorker - a pro-Israel publication.

    Haim Saban - financier of the Saban Center


    The Influencer

    An entertainment mogul sets his sights on foreign policy.

    Perhaps Saban’s greatest asset over the years has been his remarkable ability to cultivate, charm, and manipulate people. “Being charming and analytical is quite a combination,” said Shimon Peres, the President of Israel, who has been a close friend of Saban’s for more than twenty years.

    His greatest concern, he says, is to protect Israel, by strengthening the United States-Israel relationship. At a conference last fall in Israel, Saban described his formula. His “three ways to be influential in American politics,” he said, were: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.


    The deniers will deny.

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    No. Before I guess at Obama's motivations, please answer this question: How did Obama support and promote the Muslim Brotherhood? I think you are distorting claims. I haven't seen anything myself to suggest Obama was actually supporting and promoting the Muslim Brotherhood. He may have been more friendly with the Muslim Brotherhood than a Republican president might have been after the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power in Egypt, but I think that was about preventing Egypt from turning into another Iran instead of trying to reignite hostilities between Egypt and Israel.

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    How exactly is a non-profit think tank (Brookings Institution) "Zionist owned"?

    Also, can you find a legitimate source instead of the "CounterPunch" dreck you have linked to?

    For example, it may be helpful if you linked to the Saban Center's actual website to see what their views are on Egypt. I'm sure, being a think tank on the Middle East, they would have something to say on the matter.

    (As an aside, you talk as if Saban and Brookings are two separate entities. In fact, Saban is a subsid within Brookings.)


    Haim Saban donated $13 million for its establishment. That does not make it "owned by Haim Saban" let alone "owned by Zionists", let alone make the Center "Zionist" in political orientation.


    I should also note that at its launch, King Hussein of Jordan spoke.

    The Brookings Institution also has the "Brookings Doha Center" based in Qatar.

    There is nothing wrong with any of these facts, but they are most curious facts if someone is trying to claim Brookings is "Zionist owned" merely because some Israeli gave some money to a non profit.

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    As red pointed out, those organizsations are not 'Zionist owned'. Those institutions haven't aligned themselves with any political movements, and are on hand labeled centered leftists, and on the other seem to display an equal amount of conservative opinions. These are reaserch tanks and they work in a democratic country where anyone can write anything. They're entitled to their opinions.

    Most Israel supporters do not support Islamic radicals.

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    Yea right, Zionists own everything...

    They own what you eat for breakfast, they own the moon, they own you... Even living in a cave won't help, since they own the cave as well!

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