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Democrats think their health care supervision is essential. Do they mean essential for the party growth?


Giving it to Democrats modeled on the bad system in the most Democrat voting state is not an AMERICAN solution, Batman...but if you can get the voters in your state to adopt this my guest, but don't take your Democrat act federal

Update 2:

George Patton, you Democrats can pretend the Republicans have not offered alternatives to the DEMOCRAT income tax, DEMOCRAT social security, DEMOCRAT medicare, and now DEMOCRAT Obamacare over the years....what you really mean is American freedom from DEMOCRAT control is unacceptable

Update 3:

Tribeca we have offered medical savings accounts with subsidies for unfortunate Democrats many times..sticking your fingers in your ears and repeating "I can't hear you" until the other side surrenders is hardly adult

Update 4:

In fact, even Democrats COULD do better with the 3% of total wages confiscated for medicare...not to mention all the tax dough stolen for medicaid, Tribeca...but keep your fingers in you ears and repeat DEMOCRAT until the other side gives up

Update 5:

Griggnax and Princess Pelosi lost her gavel because of Obamacare...2 out of 3

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    With all non-essential spending cut off, we have avoided defaulting on our debt obligations.

    We can now pay our debt obligations out of current revenues.






    If Obama lets this austerity program stick indefinitely, he has FINALLY done something right.

    The ONLY people who will be seriously affected by an extended shutdown will be those who depend on the government as their sole source of income.

    Government workers will FINALLY have to face the prospect of GASP - LOSING THEIR INCOME in this bad economy they helped to create. Just like the rest of America has been facing for 4 years.

    Welfare parasites will have to start fighting off illegals to get those low wage unskilled labor jobs. Clean that toilet, pick those crops....

    As for the disabled and the truly needy - OH, WELL. Too bad. You are now suffering from 50 years of irresponsible government. You are the ones Republicans wanted to help, but Democrats let too many moochers jump onto the gravy train, and they sunk the life boat when too many people got in.

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    LOL, you know that BY FAR the largest chunk of money spent by our government is on.....not the military.....but Medicare, health care, and social security. That's now. The health care system we have is literally bankrupting this nation. This country *WILL* collapse if we don't fix it. And that's just what the government spends. That doesn't even count what comes out of the pockets of the average citizen. Whether or not "Obamacare" is a solution or not is irrelevant. The point is that something HAS to be done or we will fail. The fact that so many people can't seem to comprehend that blatantly obvious fact is what is so scary. The problem is when you ask most of these Republicans who have forced the shut down what they want to do instead all they say is "get rid of Obamacare". OK....we get that. But what is your PLAN to fix the problem that Obamacare is supposed to address. They have none. They just want to carry on with status quo and let somebody else worry about it on down the road. That's just not good enough and it's not what we elected them (any of them) to do.

    @ Sarah Palin, you must be a troll. Government workers are suffering from what they helped create? Uh, no they're not. The only government workers affected by this shut down are the average Joe's who just come to work and do their jobs, do what they're told to do, and go home at the end of the day. The idiots who have actually caused this (our elected representatives) are still drawing their paychecks and benefits.

    It's not like we need to re-invent the wheel here. Why are so many Americans convinced that if it's not American it's not worth having? All we have to do is take a quick glance around the world. Countries that have good, workable, universal health care acts are places like: Israel, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Belgium, et cetera. In other words some of the most prosperous and successful nations on Earth. Countries that do not: North Korea, Syria, Iraq, et cetera. Why don't we just do what the other countries are doing? They've worked out all the bugs already since some of their current systems have been in place for over half a century...... The reason we don't? Partisan politics. Each party thinks they have to come up with some brilliant original solution to every problem in order to one up the other party. Sheer stupidity.

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    Under the Affordable Health Care Act or also now known as Obama-Care, Monthly Premiums are extremely cheap, but the Deductibles and Co-Pays are extremely high. The Democrat Power-Heads in D. C. only want people to pay attention to the Premiums and that is how they are selling this. They do not care about the rest and it's because they do not have to pay it.

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    Democrats are addressing the health care problems in this country. What are Republicans doing? Nothing but attacking the Democrats. That is the essence of what is going on.

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  • 8 years ago

    You seem to be forgetting that repealing Obamacare was a central platform in the 2012 election, and Republicans got rejected.

    In essence, the voters adopted it.


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    8 years ago

    Healthcare is a broken system. I dont think youll find many people who would argue that point.

    They are just the party who did something first, and dont forget Obamacare was modeled on Romneycare.

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    Only a moron would fail to understand how having a healthy populace is important to the welfare of the country.

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    8 years ago

    Well, the Tea Party killed the GOP, so why waste the extra elbow room. Bad, bad patriets!!!

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