Poll: To Adults in the USA: Will you pick Obamacare or?

the Affordable Health Care Act for your Medical Insurance coverage or will you pay the penalty/tax?

I am just curious to see how many people know about the new health care laws.

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  • lwhhow
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    8 years ago
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    80% of people probably don't understand it, as it was smothered by a $10 billon propaganda/ political corruption campaign by the for profit rich health insurance companies from day 1.

    It's actually called...THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT...and just tries.. 'weakly'.. to make private health insurance available to all Americans instead of just the rich.

    It only affects about 10% of the population....those who aren't real poor, aren't old, aren't rich, and don't already have health insurance from their employer or any other source. It 'encourages' these 10% to get health insurance on a ' for profit subsidized free market'...if they choose not to (their choice)...they get a $400 income tax penalty per year...BIG DEAL!

    The really BIG THINGS are it's less propagandized but more important provisions....

    1.) Employers with 30 or more employees will actually have to set up/ contribute to the employees health care....cutting their profits....oh my!

    2.) The subsidized market of health insurance geared toward non profit insurance companies will cut into the 'profits' of the for profit rich companies....oh my!

    I know....it's really 'horrible'.....and the public....through a unprecedented....'misinformation campaign'...put on/ paid for by the rich insurers... who may take a loss....have 'brainwashed' just about all.

  • 8 years ago

    I know about the law. I work for an employer who provides insurance that meets the requirements of the health care act. My cost for the same plan did almost double from last year though. So, I will continue to have insurance for my family.. it is the same insurance I had before but it is going to cost my family an extra thousand dollars a year or so. So, I am not a fan of Obamacare since they cost me extra money for no extra service or protection

  • BJ
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    8 years ago

    It is interesting to note that people do not realize that these two names are interchangeable as they are the same law. Some states are introducing this under a different name - sometimes including the state name - and people are very enthusiastic about signing up. If it is introduced as Obamacare they are against it.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Poll: To Adults in the USA: Will you pick Obamacare or?

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