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How can Democrats support the (not so) Affordable Care Act?

Ok put aside the debate over employer mandates for a second. (Which will be devastating.) What about families? Families will have to buy individual heathcare plans for their children. This extra expense in our economy is really significant. And businesses are starting to completely drop family plans and only cover the individual worker because this act just makes it too expensive for them to operate and stay globally competitive.

Why are so many Democrats blindly supporting this? Even if you agree with the part of the act requiring employers to provide healthcare, why force individuals to get it?


@ David GH UK: We are not the richest nation in the world. We are heavily in debt, and can't really afford all the spending this health care plan is adding to government spending let alone the costs it adds to individuals and businesses. We are talking about raising the debt cap to take out loans to pay off other debt, and at the same time increasing government spending on this health care fiasco.

@ Candy Kane: You are ignoring my question. This is not about how the law affects businesses, but rather how it forces individuals to have healthcare. Health care won't matter much to them if the family can't afford food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc. Many people can barely afford their bills as is in our economy.

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    I am a strong supporter of universal health coverage. I am vehemently opposed to the law demanding that all people obtain health insurance. There is a world of difference between health CARE and health INSURANCE. I strongly object to an insurance company telling a doctor what they CAN and can NOT do for a patient. The doctor is committed to saving human lives. The insurance company is committed to saving money. This is NOT a happy situation, if you happen to be a human being.

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    There are many millions of working Americans that have NO health insurance coverage at all.

    Some people have terrible HMOs that offer such bad coverage that one serious illness could wipe out everything that a person worked for throughout their lifetime. The republicans made sure that the laws were changed that covered medical bankruptcies. They made it much more difficult to do.

    Medicaid is going broke. The rules have changed, and it's extremely difficult to get Medicaid these days.

    People with pre-existing conditions have died many times over due to our current lack of healthcare.

    If there are problems with Obamacare, and there will be? It can be changed. The republicans have given us nothing. Their whole plan was to leave things as they are.

    Additional Answer - You need to re-read your own question. I can be in support of it because all of the working people that I know and love have inadequate or non-existent healthcare coverage. As I've already stated... If there are problems with Obamacare, and I expect there will be? It can be changed or reformed.


    I also take issue with what you've said to David from the U.K. England is NOT a wealthy nation by any means. There economy has been hurt in all the same ways that our economy has. Somehow, the British have managed to hang onto their healthcare coverage. I'm sure that it's taken some heavy hits due to massive increases of immigrants to their country, but so far? They are hanging on. Are you not aware that people from all over the world think that Americans are IDIOTS, because some of us are fighting so hard against healthcare for all our citizens. I can't say that I blame them.

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    I am not an American,but if I were I think I would be deeply ashamed and puzzled why the citizens of the richest nation on earth cant come up with a health care system that provides every American with a family doctor. I know from some of the Questions that many people are reduced to treating them selves as people did in Britain in the 30s.

    Health care should not be political. You are fooled by the Insurance companies into believing that any involvement by the government is "socialised medicine" so the Hell it is ! What good American lad or lass would give a damn if they were well ?

    Many good countries have some kind of health schemes,not just Britain,but it doesn't seem possible for Americans to enjoy the same ?

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    There's no across-the-board set of plans. It's administered state-by-state. Here in CA there are individual and family plans. Of course, a family with 1 kid is going to be paying less than a family with 5 kids. I though you folks want people to be responsible. Paying your own medical bills instead of shifting them onto us taxpayers is being responsible. There are all kinds of subsidies based on income for people who can't pay (that's "can't pay" not "don't want to pay").

    The plans are really less expensive than what's being offered now. Small companies are exempt and the large companies that can afford group plans can afford these and are just doing what they always do in these situations: whining.

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