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How can I make my girlfriend happ romantically PLEASE ANSWER I NEED HELP?

We've been dating for a year since mid-July 2012. She's an amazing woman in my eyes and we love each other very much. We share an apartment in Los Angeles and every night knowing she's beside me in not my bed but ours... I've never felt so complete. She does so many things for me be it sexual or all the little things... From sleeping naked, Inviting me to shower with her, to just spending the whole day together just the two of us. Except for the past few 5-7 months ... I can't sleep, I have anxiety attacks out of nowhere. My girlfriend doesn't know but two of my friends commuted suicide 2-3 months ago. I haven't to her because I don't want her to worry about me. I want to make her feel special and secure at the same time. My plan is to make love to her and once we're done I plan on staying In her for a little longer. I plan to kiss her and push her hair back to see her beautiful face and then tell her although I'm leaving her body I would never dare leave her romantically. Once she falls asleep I want to leave a rose in the palm of her hand and a love letter on our nightstand. I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight I know this will sound ...unreal. But when we were just dating and not Exclussive I visited some dangerous places ... I've had rifles pointed at me I've been stabbed and hit by vehicles. Thank god she's healthy and so am I... Should I carry on with my plan what else should I do while in bed and should I tell her about my insomnia and anxiety were only 18/19 but I still feel somewhat guilty. Please help

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    You have to tell her. Tonight. I understand that its hard to open up about that kind of thing but she deserves to know. Carry on with your plan and just remember to tell her you love her everyday. And when you get in fights realize they're stupid and just love her with all your heart. As long as you have her trust me there will always be a light in your darkness. You need to always tell her everything. You wouldn't want her to keep something from you.

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