What is the normal voltage in Canada?


Which area got 120 and 240?

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    Canada uses 120 volts and 240 volts at 60 Hz as their nominal supply voltage to homes.

    For the entire system, voltage available are:

    The frequency of all supply voltages is 60 hertz.

    6.1 Primary Supply Voltages

    Contact the local supply authority for the requirements associated with service at primary voltages.

    6.2 Secondary Supply Voltages

    Nominal secondary supply voltages are:

    a) 120/240 volt, single phase, three wire; or

    b) 120/208 volt, three phase, four wire grounded wye; or

    c) 347/600 volt, three phase, four wire grounded wye; or

    d) where Utility Approval is granted, 347/600 volt, three phase, four wire high resistance grounded wye. Where this configuration is approved and conforms to CEC rules 6-412 and 10-1100 to 1108, the Customer shall provide the grounding resistor, all wiring, connectors, compartments, etc., associated with the high resistance ground installation.

    6.3 Supply Voltage Operating Ranges

    The normal and extreme operating ranges for secondary supply voltages at the point of delivery are as follows:

    Nominal voltage - 120/240 Volts

    Normal Range - 110/220 - 125/250

    Extreme Range - 106/212 - 127/254

    Nominal voltage - 120/208 Volts

    Normal Range - 112/194 - 125/216

    Extreme Range - 110/190 - 127/220

    Nominal voltage - 347/600 Volts

    Normal Range - 318/550 - 360/625

    Extreme Range - 306/530 - 367/635

    Improvement of voltage levels beyond the normal range but within the extreme range is done on a planned basis. Immediate corrective action shall be taken to correct voltage levels outside the extreme range.

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    12 eh

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    120V and 240V for home.

    600V for industry.

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