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why is my 22R engine burning so much oil?

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  • 8 years ago
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    There are a FEW things you MAY be doing WRONG HERE! First of al, do NOT relyl on SIMPLE VISCOSITY RATINGS alone when you purchase OIL or have OIL CHANGES DONE! LOOK FOR APPROPRIATE ILSAC, JASO, and ACEA ratings INSTEAD! Many cars even have FURTHER ratings, like BMW LONG LIEF-01 oll and LL-04 oil, VW/AUDI/ PORSCHE 502/505 rated oil, BENZ 229.15 and HIGHER rated oil, and even FORD and GM have SPECIFiCATION NUMBERS in mind for you! BTW, NO PLANT uses VALVOLINE in ANY CAR from ANY FACTORY I KNOW OF! BACK TO YOUR PROBLEM! If your IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE is dirty and the THROTTLE BODY as well, then your oil will GRADUALLY thin down with unburned FUEL! Pull your DIPSTICK and smell it!When oil THINS< it wil BURN< it is THAT SIMPLE! NOW THEN>>> read the AUTO-Rx WEBSITES>> and see the ADVANTAGES of doing a FULL MOTOR FLUSH is! They have TESIMONIALS and MORE here! I use AMSOIL prodcuts and LUBRO-MOLY prodcuts with EVERY CONFIDENCE as well! ONCE REG OIL begins to BAKE INTO AN ENGIEN< it starttys a DOWNWARD SPIRAL that costs MPG"S pwor, and eventualy CONVERTER issues, and MORE PROLBLEMS with sensors and such! Many EURO engines and current FORD engines have OIL SPRAY JETS in them that focus CLEAN OIL directly on the WRIST PINS ,and SKIRTS to keep pistons COOLER and lallow for HIGHER RPM ranges!BAD OIL CHOICES just RUIH Oi lpressure, OIL PRESSURE sensors, bith HGIH and LOW< and filll OIL PASSAGEWAYS with SDLUGE that is DIFFICULT to remove! AUDI DEALERSHHIPS have SLDUGE REMOVING EQUIPMENT that costa about $350 a TREATMENT for peopole that do NOT READ their manuals or get the DIFFERNENCE between SUPERIOR OILS ( required )and WAX BASED JUNK OILS that send many engines to an EARLY JUNK YARD GRAVE. Had any FRIENDS that needed USED ENGIENS< ever! This is the NUMBER ONE REASON WHY this ahppens! JUNK YARDS are FULL Of sludged over CLOGGED engines! EXXON/MOBIL is the SUPPLIER to JET AIRPLANE engines! IF they used VAVLOINE we would al be lokiing UPWARD to see them FALL from teh SKY as more and more SDLUGE is made and parts get COKED OVER! I have enigens out there with 450k miels on them, but most of them are NOT domestic ones! they are AUDIS,. TOYOTAS, and BENZ and BMW cars, but MANY FORDS as well! Once your egnein is DE-SDLUGED and yoru IACV and T body are CLEAN (any OI LCHANGE PLACE can do this for about $20-30) Use DENSO or BOSCH iridium spark plugs to get MORE POWER< better ECONOMY< and LOWER EMISSIONS! this is a WIN< WIN WIN situation here! GOOD LUCK< and KEEP MYY POSTED on ythe CHANGES your engien makes! <<<ALSO>> Power wash yoru engien with GUNK ORANGE engien clnear at a DIY car wash to allow engines metals to BREATH the way they NEED TO! If you STILL are burning oil, I HAVE ANOTHER FEW IDEAS for you! most items once the OLD BAD COKED IN sludge is REMOVED from your PISTON RINGS and TOPS< oil useage will DIMINISH or DISAPPEAR all together! I inject AMSOIL POWER FOAM directly into BARE CYLINDERS with PLUGS REMOVED! This WILL remvee COKE and baked in SLUDGE on rings and also remove SOME carbon from CLYINDER LININGS! VALVE heads and SEALS will REJUNENATE as well! Also see B-G products for ENGINE CLEANING! Once WAX BAED oil cooks into the INSIDE of an engine, THINGS GO BAD! OVERHEATS occur as the COATINGS build up MORE and MORE In heads and blocks! POWER DIMNISHES and HEAT is contained rather than is DISSIPATED! CLEAN ENGINES will ALWAYS work their best ABSOLUTLEY! I have even "EUROPEANIZED" many BUICK ENGINES and CHEVY V8 engiens out there! SLUDGE KILLS< trust me, and NO AIRPLANES use CASTORL or NO NAME oils EITHER! READ ALL OIL LABELS and do NOT GET DUPED! Match SPEC NUMBERS and NOT viscosity ratings! END of DIATRIBE!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    These engines are no stranger to oil leaks have you looked around the motor for any traces of oil leaking?

  • 8 years ago

    Cylinder walls are too big, piston rings are worn out or valve guides are worn out. Do a dry and wet compression test.

  • 8 years ago

    Bad PCV valve...if you're lucky.

    Bad rings...not changing your oil and filter every 3,000 miles.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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  • ?
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    rings and valve stem seals

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