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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentGovernment · 8 years ago

News FLASH!!! REpublican Party's popularity has hit a 17% approval rating; what's going on?

Are Republicans living in the Heartland turning against their own leaders? Are they fed up with the pompous azs Tea Party?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Americans are fed up with republican gamesmanship.

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    @how would i: I'd love to see a link to your poll. The asker's numbers come from quinnipiac: where congressional democrats have a 32% positive rating vs congressional republicans' 17%.

    Similarly, here are the numbers from the 10/1/2013 Wall St Journal /NBC poll: and

    The poll found that 49 percent of respondents have a negative view of the GOP, the highest negative marks for the party in the poll since 2008. Just 26 percent said they have a positive view of the Republican Party.

    In contrast, 44 percent of adults surveyed said they have a positive view of the Democratic Party, while 38 percent have a negative one.

    The Tea Party also found earned strong negative marks, with 47 percent viewing the movement unfavorably.

    SUMMARY (pos - neg): republicans = -23 points; democrats +6 points. That's a stark difference.


  • The popular notion is that we all need to vote ourselves money. Who opposes that except the people who pay all of the taxes? Those pompous asz's. Greed is wanting to keep what you earned. Not taking it. Right?

  • 8 years ago

    And Democrats are sitting at 14%. What's your point?

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