Can someone who is an FBI answer my question?

1. What's the pros and cons of your job?

2. How much money do you get paid per year?

3. How long have you been working?

4. What colleges do you recommend for this job?

5. How much money did you spent to get your degree on law?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Decent paying job

    -Government job, stability, good benefit package

    - Lots of lateral and upward mobility within field

    - Well reputed and funded


    -Not like on TV so lots of time behind a desk

    -Government bureaucracy, lots of red tape

    -Very restricted arrest powers (mostly by warrant only)

    -Can get stuck in very dry jobs like fiscal record review for cases.

    Around $55,000-90,000 / yearly

    Worked for 25 years. When I started, I had to go through the FBI academy for 21 weeks. It was a long process; you'll find more info about it if you google elsewhere. I moved on to become a tech assistant, sometimes working in the lab. After 2-3 years, I became a field agent. This is where the fun stuff hits in, where you can issue out warrants, and make arrests (more or so, on a daily basis). After about 10 years of training, I moved on to HRT and SWAT which is the specialty of the FBI, where you deal with hostage and higher-order priority situations. My years as an FBI Agent were mostly fun and rewarding, definitely..

    Any college will do, but good ones are better in the long run.

    More than $100,000.

    You could also work as a field agent, tech agent, etc.. Depends on what you enjoy. Go to the official fbi website if you want more info.

    Source(s): Retired FBI Special Agent.
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