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Courtney asked in HealthOther - Health · 8 years ago

How to keep from having a vasovagal response when getting blood drawn?

The last two times, I had a vasovagal response. The first of these reactions was when I was getting my blood tested in a lab through tubes. I needed 7 tubes and the 5th one, I passed out and had a seizure. Today, I decided to try to donate blood. This was my first time ever donating and I've been wanting to do it for a while (yes my finger hurts when I type hahaha). Well, they managed to get the whole pint, but a few minutes of just laying there, I started to feel faint and hot. They put this ice thing on my chest and I threw up. Within seconds, I was feeling 100% normal. It was weird. It wasn't as bad as the first one, but I still got sick. Is this going to happen every time I get my blood drawn? I was VERY nervous about donating since what happened a few months ago, but I thought it would be a little better since I was laying down with my feet elevated rather than sitting up in a chair. Are there any ways of preventing this from happening?


my bp was actually really high when I had it checked before I donated because I was nervous as hell knowing what happened last time. The pain doesn't bother me, in fact, nothing really hurt at all until afterwards when my finger was touching things after the prick to check my hemoglobin. I think my bp just dropped too quickly or something because it was WAY up there. Both times I was anxious so I think that's why. The first time my vein collapsed and had a loud vacuuming sound and she had a hard time getting the blood so I freaked and had a seizure, then the second time, it was knowing I had a seizure the first time. They also kept having to turn the needle while it was in my arm because when I was almost done, it was hardly bleeding and they still needed a little more.

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  • 8 years ago
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    FIrst thing I say you should do is get checked by a doctor for any other diseases related either to your heart or nervous system, because this could just be a symptom to something else that may be wrong with you. Theres nothing you really can do, this sounds as though you have some sort of sensitivity to one of the chemicals your body releases when nervous or scared which could initiate a vagus nerve response (which lowers blood pressure and heart rate) and when that couples with blood loss you get what happens to you. The only advice I can give is try to make yourself more comfortable around needles or maybe even the idea of pain in general (get some gloves and box with friends). You may have low bloodpressure or chronic dehydration, you could try a blood test to see where your electrolye levels are.

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