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Top players at each position?

Now that the regular season is...well nearly over, how have your top players changed? Who has fallen off? Who has proved themselves as elite to you?

Here's my list.


1. Yadier Molina. Enough said. Among the best overall with the bat and behind the dish.

2. Buster Posey. Down season, but still a 5 WAR player with improved defense.

3. Joe Mauer. If he could stay healthy, he could be number 2.

4. Salvador Perez. Another solid offensive season, and very good defense.

5. Carlos Santana. Probably the best power hitting catcher, next to Rosario. What sets him a step above is how well he takes a walk.


1. Joey Votto. Down year in terms of counting stats, but he gets on base and hits for power. Most solid and consistent 1B in baseball.

2. Paul Goldschmidt. Best offensive season in the NL, he's the real deal.

3. Chris Davis. Best offensive first baseman, he gets knocked to third due to defense issues.

4. Freddie Freeman. He deserves some MVP votes. Solid, doesn't try to do too much.

5. I wanted to say Belt, but I have to give it to Edwin Encarnacion. Bad defense, but he proved last year was no fluke.


1. Robinson Cano. Obvious.

2. Dustin Pedroia. Just about as solid as they come in all aspects.

3. Jason Kipnis. He's the next great 2B, this year likely is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of his production.

4. Ian Kinsler. Not quite the offensive threat he used to be, but still has good power, speed, and defense.

5. Matt Carpenter. Not sold that he can match this year's numbers, but he's definitely very good.


1. Miguel Cabrera.

2. Adrian Beltre. You can't argue with his track record. Yet another great year.

3. Evan Longoria. If he can stay healthy, he's an MVP candidate.

4. Manny Machado. Not quite on these others' offensive levels, but great D.

5. Josh Donaldson. One season isn't enough for me to put him higher than this yet.


1. Troy Tulowitzki. Corner production from a elite defensive SS.

2. Han-Ram. Looks like he's back to his old self.

3. JJ Hardy. Low average, but power and good defense.

4. Andrelton Simmons. Amazing defensive shortstop, and not bad at the dish.

5. Ian Desmond. He's proven himself to be a very good offensive player, solid defense.


1. Mike Trout. No explanation needed.

2. Andrew McCutchen. Another all around great outfielder.

3. Carlos Gomez. Astounding defense, much improved at the dish.

4. Adam Jones. Another impressive year, overshadowed by Davis.

5. Jacoby Ellsbury. Doesn't have the impressive power, but his speed and defense make him extremely valuable.

6. Jose Bautista. If he stays healthy, expect 40 HR.

7. Shin Soo Choo. Assuming he goes back to RF or LF.

8. Giancarlo Stanton. Down year, but he's still a star. He's only this low due to defense.

9. Hunter Pence. Good all around player. Can hit for power and steal bases.

10. Jayson Werth. What a year for Werth. Not sure if he can match it, but if he does, he's an elite player.


1. Kershaw. I rated him 1 this year as well.

2. King Felix.

3. Cliff Lee. Bright spot on a bad Phillies club

4. Adam Wainwright. Proved he can stay healthy again.

5. Justin Verlander. Still elite, just an off season.

6. Yu Darvish, the K rate is insane.

7. Steven Strasburg. Health is the only issue here.

8. David Price. Bit of a rough start for him, but his BB rate is so good that he could potentially have a huge year next season.

9. Max Scherzer. Once again, one season isn't enough to pass these consistent pitchers.

10. Jose Fernandez. Looks absolutely filthy. One of the lone bright spots in Miami.


1. Craig Kimbrel. Clear best closer of his generation.

2. Joe Nathan. The grizzled vet is as dependable as ever.

3. Aroldis Chapman. Just about the scariest guy to face in baseball.

4. Greg Holland. Absolutely dominant this year.

5. Jonathon Papelbon. You know what you're getting with him. Dependable for sure.

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    Catcher. Jonathan Lucroy ahead of Perez.

    First. Check Votto's power numbers (doubles and HR's),obviously a great hitter but not pushing off the knee since the surgery last year. Goldschmidt ahead of him. Chris Davis strikes out a ton and probably wont repeat this years numbers.

    SS. Jean Segura gets in the Top 5.

    SP. Zac Greinke somewhere in the middle, above Strasburg,and Greinke doesn't come with the injury caveat. Jose Fernandez higher, Verlander and Price lower.

    Nice list, I enjoyed reading it.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Bryce Harper much?

    For what its worth Chris Davis is one of the best defensive 1st baseman in the league. Last i checked, 6 errors in 162 games was not bad. Dont assume he is a bad fielder b/c he is a great hitter.

    Besides that you nailed it (Wilson Ramos should have a spot at catcher too though).

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