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I am planning on going to ASU next year and I really want to major in business with a minor in Voice/Music. I was wondering if you have to have previous experience in voice or music in order to study it. I would love to study any other areas of music such as production or composition, but I have no experience whatsoever. Anyone studying an area of music in college at the moment?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Most music departments of any repute will require auditions for admittance. You will be going up against students with more experience than you have and they aren't going to cut you any slack. You will more than likely have to demonstrate sight singing for voice and if you actually expect to enter a college level course or program for composition, you'll have to be able to read music quite well and submit compositions you've already written. Now there may be some music classes that you can take as a fun elective. You may find an open choral group for example. However, if you wish to actually MINOR, you can't be completely inexperienced because you won't be able to keep up. This is in addition to the fact that if you are a business major, the classes that you have to take for that will be difficult and time-consuming.

    I had to drop out of the few voice-related classes I had because of the conflicts between the workload for my major and the requirements needed to keep up with just taking voice lessons and participating in a couple of vocal groups. By the way, I had to audition to get the voice lessons as well as auditioning to get into the groups and go up against the "serious" voice students to get a place. Of course, I also had sung in choirs throughout school and had at least a few basic lessons before I went onto college. I probably wouldn't have bothered to try out at all, but back then, I was just as naive as you are now about what it takes to actually get into those groups.

    I didn't even go to a university that specialized in music performance degree (more on education actually). They had a decent music program, but if you are going to a school where they are especially known for music, it will be near impossible to be accepted as a candidate even for a minor degree with NO prior music background.

    By the way, there is more than one school that with the abbreviation of ASU. However, most schools have websites and you can certainly go to your ASU and check to see what the actual requirements are to get into their various music programs.

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