Can anyone answer these questions about the movie, "Prisoner"? (2013) SPOILER ALERT!?

1. Why was there (coincidentally) a whistle down under the trans am? Did Anna drop it there "133 days" ago?

2. Why did Joy say "you were there" when she woke up from the hospital? (Traumatized?) and what made Keller run to the aunt's house directly from the hospital?

3. How did the kids get kidnapped?

4. Why did he back up the truck and ram it into the tree?

5. What was the significance of the snakes in the boxes?

6. Why did the guy feel the need to commit suicide?

7. Why was he at the candle lighting?

8. Did the movie producers show the dragging of the dog to make us believe he was the kidnapper? (Showing that he's crazy)

9. The scene where the officer was looking for clues and ended up at the house from his notes... Why was there a sock there

10. What was the significance of the maze? "Finish the maze and you can go home?

11. Bob Taylor, who was he?

12. Who was the first corpse that we saw in the basement? Did that connect to the kidnapping in any way?

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    1. The girls were initially kept in that hole in the ground under the Trans-Am while the police searched the aunt's house for the girls. Anna must have dropped her pink whistle there. Her mother later bought her a new red whistle to replace the one lost. Joy and Anna had made it to Anna's house and Joy had found the first whistle so the girls were abducted on route back to the Birch's house.

    2. Joy Birch (the little girl in the hospital bed) said “You were there”, referring to when Hugh Jackman's character (Keller Dover) went to the Jones' house and said “I keep dreaming about mazes”. The girls were locked in the room next to them, with tape on their mouths so Hugh Jackman's character couldn’t hear them. The little girl said SHE put tape over our mouths so Jackman put 2 and 2 together and knew the girls had both been abducted and kept at Mrs. Jone's house.

    3. Alex (Paul Dano) and/or the aunt must have been on the prowl for kids to kidnap when the girls came by the parked RV again. Alex just wanted to take the girls for a ride but his aunt decided not to let them go. Alex said that the girls "didn't start crying 'til I left them" or something close to that.

    4. He was scared of being caught, probably didn't have a driver's license because of his impaired judgement and the fact that he, himself, was an abducted child.

    5. Not sure why the snakes were there in pig's blood on the assorted children's clothes. Bob Taylor must have had a really warped mind from years of being kept in captivity and seeing the other children kidnapped and killed. The snakes were prisoners, trapped in boxes, just as the girls were. Too, Alex was a beaten prisoner in the latter part of the movie. In many ways, almost everyone is a prisoner, of sorts. Thus, the title of the movie.

    6. Mr. Jones? He had come to the priest's house to confess his sins of abducting, killing, and burying children. I think he had shot himself, right? Bob Taylor? He was, himself, one of the previously-abducted children but had escaped --- not sure -- and this drove him to shoot himself in the interrogation room.

    7. People involved in crimes often revisit the site of their crime, like candle-light vigils. Bob knew of the girls' abduction and even played mazes on paper with them to entertain them.

    8. Hanging the dog by its collar showed us that Paul Dano's character was capable of hurting an innocent creature and fortified Hugh Jackman's intent to torture Dano, in turn, to get him to open up.

    9. One of the participants in the kidnapping conspiracy was Bob Taylor, the one who walked silently through the Dover house as part of a maze's route and reenacted the crimes. He must have dropped it there.

    10. Mr. Jones apparently liked doing mazes and he got the boys doing mazes and interested in the maze books, including "Invisible Man". The children were given mazes to do, as well. Maybe as a reward system (bribery) or just to keep them entertained.

    11. I think Paul Dano and the other boy/man who killed himself used to be friends in captivity, and they fantasized about things and did mazes together.

    12. The first corpse, the mummified one with the miniature maze necklace around his neck, was Mr. Jones, Holly Jones' husband whom she said just up and left one day, five years previously. He and his wife were kidnapping children together. Some they killed, others they let live, like the boys. Holly, being highly religious, said that the kidnappings were a means of bringing the devil out in the parent when they experienced losing a child. Holly Jones and her husband had lost a boy child, of their own, years earlier and this added to their warped desire to cause others the same painful suffering.

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    All of these questions were answered during the movie.

    1. The mom said in the hospital that joy had helped her find it before they got taken.

    2. Joy meant that she heard his voice, and that's when she ran away to go after him but he had already gone. Keller then realized that the only place that she could have been where he was, was the aunt's house.

    3. In the hospital the cop said that Alex said that he took the girls for a ride, but then his aunt did not want to let them go.








    11. He was taken once as a child but then escaped.

    12. He was that aunt ladies husband that left and never came back. He was the one that was taking all those kids way back when. This caused the aunt lady to take children on her own.

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    I have a different take on 3 and 4

    3. I think that the "aunt" was the one driving around in the RV (they never show who was in it while the kids were jumping on it and they were listening to old music.

    4. This one kind of answers why it would not have been Alex driving the RV around the neighborhood. I think that Alex might have been in the RV but his "aunt" was the one driving. He had the IQ of a "10 year old" and even Hugh Jackman points out that there is no way he could drive. The "aunt" must have ditched him at the gas station. He revs the engine a couple times not to be intimidating but because he has no idea what hes doing. He then randomly puts the car in gear and crashes into a tree once again because he doesnt know how to operate a vehicle.

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    Prisoners Explained

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