On Friday I went alil overboard with sugar, having a Starbucks mocha light frapp and a bag of m&ms a couple hrs later. Right after I felt lightheaded and dizzy for hours. That night I had diahrrea from I think something else I ate. I'm still dizzy/lightheaded n don't know y. Could I b prediabetic? I'm 23 and bout average weight....also I know I eat too much sugar on a regular basis.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Like the first comment said, go see a doctor and have a blood test. I suspect that you actually ended up with low blood sugar. This is just a guess but when you eat a lot of sugar and it triggers the insulin your body converts it and often goes a bit overboard. Sugar highs are often followed by lows. At 23, assuming you are healthy and not overweight you are probably fine, but go see the doctor anyway.


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    Pre Diabetes Dizziness

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    Eating sugar does not CAUSE diabetes. Even if you eat a lot. It's caused by a poor diet, overweight and lack of exercise--the type II kind, anyway. The only way you can find out if you're pre-diabetic is to have a fasting blood test done at the doctor--which will measure your HgA1C levels. You can attribute dizziness to any one cause--high blood glucose can cause it, as well as LOW blood glucose. If you ate a lot of sugar, what you might have done is raise your glucose to a very high level, which then dropped rapidly--that can cause shaking, dizziness, confusion and sweating...high blood sugar usually makes you sleepy and listless, but can also cause dizziness and lightheadedness. Or you might even have had an overdose of caffeine--a lot of candy contains caffeine, and coffee and chocolate both contain HIGH levels. The coffee can also cause the diarrhea, or the milk in it can. So if this continues, you probably ought to get a medical diagnosis.

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    A Blood Glucose (BG) test takes about 15 seconds and is almost always (usually) completely painless. See your doctor.

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