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People think I'm lying because I "know" some celebrities?

I don't actually know any, but let me explain. I posted these on my Sherlock/Doctor Who Facebook page.

I live about six miles from where Benedict Cumberbatch went to school and my ex boyfriend's mum works there

When my grandma was little she was good friends with and had ballet lesssons with Una Stubbs (Mrs Hudson in Sherlock)

I go to the same youth theatre as Matt Smith did

A friend of mine was the main kid in Chameleon Circuit's "teenage rebel"

My uncle read in for both Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann when he helped with "Minister of Chance" (look it up)

When I posted these (they weren't all at the same time) people told me I was lying, but they're all true. Can you think of any ways I can prove it or any good comebacks?

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    Whenever anyone says that they live near a celebrity or they know a celebrity, someone always says that they're lying.

    They don't like to hear it because they don't know a celebrity themselves.

    If you actually do, then the important thing to know is that YOU know you aren't lying. If people don't believe you, that's their problem

    I've had the same problem. I've met some famous people, and others have called me a liar.

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    Proof is undeniable if you have it - but beware of what it attracts, people may goad you into showing the goods because of their value, and then they'll want to get their hands on them. Not in every instance, but you're talking about provenance and it means something, so treasure it for yourself and care a little less for what it means to others.

    As for comebacks - just say, "everything is connected when you think about it",

    & or, "those are connections I value enough to carefully choose who I tell about them, and if I misjudged someone [i.e. one who scorns the suggestion], it determines how I regard people after..."

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    I'm thinking that you should probably find better ways to identify with who and what you are than through some very tenuous connections to celebrities.

    Almost everything you claim isn't provable via keyboard and even notarized paper proof - which you'll never get for most of your claims - isn't believable to those who don't want to believe.

    I once shook hands with Lyndon Johnson. So what! And that "So what!" pretty well sums it up.

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    People think I'm lying when I say one of my ancestors was a king. Because it sounds like such a stretch. But I know it's legitimate because my gran traced the family tree herself. Don't bother trying to persuade people. You know the truth yourself. If it really urges you to prove it them, then tell them that if they don't believe you, they should go and ask your mother/grandma/uncle themselves.

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  • well you were lying if claimed you know these people, those are only minor links, i went to the same school as the one who conducted at the royal floatilla, doesn't mean i know him, but if you were just saying what you said there then there just jealous.

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    You don't have to prove anything to anyone! You know the truth so it doesn't matter if they think you're lying!

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