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Ama asked in PetsDogs · 7 years ago

DS: Do you think aggression can be influenced by nutrition?

I didn't think nutrition would have anything to do with aggression. I always thought aggression was mainly due to the genetics(and some other factors, at times). But never thought nutrition would have anything to do with it. Last night(well, earlier this morning) I came across an article which got me thinking about it, was curious what others thought.

Here is the article:

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    I think that proper nutrition improves the overall health of any being. Think about it. A high caffeine high sugar diet makes most people jittery and hyper active. Likewise if that person suddenly stops drinking those drinks cold turkey they can get cranky really quick. Studies have shown that people who are not fit have a tendency to slide more towards depression. Yet people who are fit are less likely to be depressed. Fitness involves a balanced diet with few artificial sugars, caffeine, fats, artificial colors, etc. There is a link between proper nutrition and the incidence of problems encountered in people with mental health issues.

    I've found that dogs fed a diet high in dyes, sugars, and other fillers show more adverse behaviors then dogs that are fed a high quality meat based diet with few fillers, preservatives and no dyes. This is why the first thing that I do with an aggressive/ high drive dog that has a normal thyroid is change the diet to a healthier diet. High energy foods will certainly cause dogs to have higher energy until they become overweight and than the opposite happens. Overweight dogs that are fed a better diet in the proper amount lose weight and have much more energy.

    Although most aggression/prey drive is inherited it is often influenced by environment. That environment also includes nutrition. Most aggression is a high prey drive behavior in my opinion especially in breeds that are meant for work. Often aggressive dogs can benefit from more exercise and training. again those are environmental factors.

    Source(s): old balanced trainer
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    I didn't read that whole article, but I think the biggest cause of aggression brought on my nutrition is the e.numbers and additives found in some of the kibble foods. Bit like smarties for kids. It can bring a false heightened state leading to aggression.

    Also a high protein level bringing about a similar 'high' state.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Not exactly nutrition - but underfeeding. I always thought aggression was due to genetics or the owner's fault. I think the main causes of aggression (IF it is not a naturally aggressive breed, such as the Pit Bull) are:

    1). Being chained up all day

    2). Being abused

    3). Being under socialized

    4). Being trained to be aggressive

    5). Being underfed

    But I have never studied this scientifically and honestly I hope I never will. Depriving a dog of nutrition may not make it aggressive but it will make it unhealthy.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Aggression in dogs, can be brought on for lack of food, not too much, or necessarily the kind of food your feeding.

    Dogs will become very aggressive if they are deprived of food, but anyone knows that.

    Lack of Nutrition can cause aggression in any type of animal.

    Horses will become very aggressive if they are not fed properly, they get so hyper, due to their body fighting to get all that it has left in the body to survive.

    I have rescued dogs, that we had to muzzle them, they were so under fed and just plain skinny, and I always take food with me on a rescue, Taste of the Wild only, it has the high protein to begin to help them back being fed correctly, that is all I will feed any dog, and my dogs especially.

    We have had to have dogs put down due to food aggression, due to the lack of food, then when it is placed in front of them, you better be somewhere else for sure, they will take a chunk out of you, to get to the food.

    Yes, poor nutrition can and will cause aggressiveness.

    Source(s): Retired Owner, breeder, handler. Active Dog Rescues Volunteer, 3 days a week, No Kill Shelter.
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  • 7 years ago

    Interesting article, it said that fear based aggression can be curbed by changing the diet, but i do agree that just a dietary change for an aggressive dog is not enough, you have to take into consideration, training, socialization and how the dog was treated (environmental factors). making change in those areas also to alleviate an aggressive personality in a dog.

  • oki
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    7 years ago

    oh 100% it can and not just for dogs. you are what you eat and your emotions as well as animals are controlled by things like hormone and chemical production in the brain. which is directly affected by what you eat. think of the snickers ads, "your not you when your hungry". you cant function properly without proper nutrition. some of the first signs of a poor diet are bad skin/hair and mood swings. its the same for dogs, cats and other animals.

  • 7 years ago

    Take the most sedate and well behaved dog and starve it for three days and observe how aggressive it gets when you pull some food out of your pocket and refuse to share.

  • 7 years ago

    I've seen dogs change their demeanor slightly when going from a dog food diet to a raw diet. They are healthier dogs in every way including their mental stability.

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