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Does the AFCA (Ocare) differ from the insurance that you had before?

I'm sure there's difference, like out of pocket expense, drug costs, etc. Is the Ocare a good value?

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  • Dana B
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    6 years ago
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    You seem to think that the ACA, or "Obamacare," is an insurance policy. It's not. It's simply a requirement that everyone have health insurance, and it sets up exchanges for people to purchase individual health insurance policies if they are not already covered by their employer, their spouse's employer, or otherwise. Those policies available on the exchange will vary in levels of coverage, so how they compare to someone's existing coverage depends on what that existing coverage is and what the policy you are comparing it to covers. Most people who are already covered will probably find that their current coverage is comparable or superior to anything they can purchase at a comparable price on the exchange and thus will not choose to change their coverage; the exchanges are really designed for those who don't already have coverage.

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