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History..Just 1 more question.. I swear :P ?

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27. Which state was the first to secede from the Union and on what grounds?

South Carolina; because it thought the federal government violated its obligations to the states

Virginia; because it wanted to be the home of the capital of the Confederate States of America

South Carolina; because it wanted to acquire Fort Sumter to protect Charleston's harbor

Virginia; because it was closest to Washington, D.C.

It's either A or C right??.. HELP!!!



25. What were two outcomes of the Lincoln-Douglas debates?

resolution on slavery-related issues and Lincoln's election to the Senate

national prominence for Douglas and a presidential primary victory for Lincoln

passage of the Compromise of 1858 and national publicity for both candidates

clarification of issues related to slavery and national prominence for Lincoln

Update 2:

nevermind got the last one!! it's D :)

Thank you ammiaus and eldots53 sooo much!! I got it right :D

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    Yes A - South Carolina because it thought the Federal government violated its obligations to the states.

    Well done!

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    27. Definitely A

    25. and D.

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    It's A.

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