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Double checking.. History help......???

2. Hamilton's vision for the nation included which of the following?

a strong agricultural network

a strong federal government

power shared equally between federal and state governments X

a minimal military presence

13. Which area did the United States acquire in the 1840s, and how did it acquire the land?

The United States purchased Hawaii from France.

The United States took the Louisiana Territory from Native Americans. X

Andrew Jackson purchased the Florida Territory from France.

Mexico ceded Calfornia to the United States as part of a peace treaty.

16. What word describes reformer's efforts to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption?

temperance X




the X is what I think the answer is.. my answers are probably all wrong so can u plz correct me if I am :) Thanks !

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    2. Strong fed govt



    Source(s): AP US history from high school
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    2 should be"a strong federal government". Hamilton was a Federalist.

    13 is Mexico. We never purchased Hawaii, and the Louisiana territory was bought by Jefferson from the French, long before 1840. Florida got snookered out of Spain by the Adams-Onis treaty, and the only thing that Jackson had to do with that was to be used by John Quincy Adams as an implied threat to unleash on the Indians that Spain could not control.

    Your last one is correct.

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    2. a strong federal government

    13. Mexico ceded.............

    16. temperance X

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    Hawaiʻi was not purchased from France, it was illegally over thrown by American business men and annexed by the U.S.

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