Should i be worried about these notes?

Hello I'm 13 and play trumpet in the 7th Grade Gautier Band in Mississippi. I also take violin classes. Now I really do want a career in music when I grow up. So in both classes I was taught 2 symbols in notes. b (flat) and # (sharp) and NY dad was teaching me guitar last year but he only taught me one song before a family incident happened. So I downloaded an app for guitar note learning lessons and told my mom to buy me a guitar music book next Friday. I was reading the app and saw more note symbols which was 7, m, and m7 so I was never taught these notes so for self teaching guitar should I worry about these symbols or are those symbols in a more advanced part of learning guitar. Just wanna make sure before I go any further into guitar. So thank you

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    7 years ago
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    Learn the basic major and minor and 7th chords (by far the most popular) from googling your favorite songs LYRICS and the CHORDS that go with them. It is so simple and so much fun to learn this way that it isn't even practise. If you don't know, the internet will show you the chords as how they look like on a guitar fret board.( Plus your Dad!) And you will learn most songs are in the key of C or G or D, and that there are only about 20 chords that you play over and over and over again. You don't have to learn a 1000 chords. What is so nice is after you learned to sing and play guitar chords with one song, you can repeat most of them (chords) with the next 100 songs as you learn to sing and play guitar chords. I never touched a violin, but I have heard it and it is a glorious harmonic instrument, well, it sounds like it, but come to think of it, I was blown away by the music such I don't know that it is a harmonic instrument like the guitar and piano, I just assume it must be, and if it is, then you already know about chords like in the Key of C, C, F, Am and G are common chords that you play in the key of C. Anyways good luck, I'd choose a music career over sports, or lawyering, or doctoring career anytime because music is such a wonderful natural high! (I'm kidding about lawyering and doctoring, I'm not illerate), it just is professional muscians make those two guys, doctors and lawyers look like peasants, because there is such big money in music, almost everyone loves music and wants to be entertained and will pay good money for it. Again, Good Luck!

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