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Are animals and insects happy?

Is the animal and insect kingdom a pleasant dream of the universe?

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    Animals & insects have good days &bad days just like the rest of us Earthlings. Bugs, insects, worms & other creepy crawlers are really into partying with all their friends & family. Scout ants stake out the perfect spot with the tastiest picnic baskets in the park , bees & wasps zigzag around picnic tables full of a nice platters of hamburgers & barbequed ribs with tangy sauces & potatoe salads...which ants just love. They have happy days indeed ...unless Gladys finds out she wasn't invited. Black widows are never happy. So she'll sneak quietly in through a gap in the window, As beautiful as she truly is,l it's such a shame what will happen next. :'( She ate the triplets!!! Sicko!! Party is over ....they wished it was merely a dream of the universe it did seem like something thar airhead would do, At least the animals ate fine, We too the cats to Red Lobster & the dogs chose The Elephant Bar So far so good.

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