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Is obamacare a current event that is affecting the people in the u.s.?

i want to know if this Affordable Care Act a a current event that will affect citizens and if it does how

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    yes/no, some changes were implemented via my employer in 2013 as a precursor to the Affordable Care Act. I am salaried, work for an international corporation based in the United States and I consider myself to do grunt labor even though it requires a college education. ACA does not change anything for me... kind of not really. My insurance was changed to high deductible at my employer in 2013. So benefits don't kick in until an individual pays over $1,350 and for family plans it is twice that.

    BUT insurance costs taken out of each pay check for insurance is less & health care savings accounts (hsa) are now available & money can be earned for the hsa by doing things like exercise, get a checkup, etc.

    To make a long story short, I have to pay more for medications because I need brand medications. I maxed out my Rx benefits in May, $3k, which in turn means now my prescriptions cost $0 out of pocket for me. My health insurance, including medications will cost 3,000 + 24*26 = $3624. less the free HSA I can get from my employer, $800 in 2013...

    net cost is $2824

    Last year I paid about 2,400 + 41.97*26 = $3491.22 (but I did not have a HSA)

    So the hsa sponsorship via my employer and the high deductible insurance actually save me money.

    I expect 2014 to be about the same.

    Insurance has to cover annual checkups & I will get money in my hsa if I get a checkup. Promotions are going to be run to keep people healthier. Complaining people need to get their heads out of their...

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