The Days After Valentine's Day... What do you thinkof my poem?C/C...?

This day brings more joy than yesterday

as my heart still resonnates with love

for the girl i held on numerous occasion

at times of patience and weary

before and after the 14th day of February

Why must this day be the day

that i show you affection

my love is 364 more days entwined

with every fiber in your soul and mind

trying to unravel and define your all around

mental, physical, and spiritual you

a feat that cannot be accomplished in a day

so i pray for another year and more

and yet like a fool in love

i will still give you

candy kisses and heart-shaped messages saying

your mine and i'm yours

even say "I Love You"

on the day of, past, and before


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  • 7 years ago
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    Interesting piece and I liked it. I loved the way you have covered thoughts in this poem. I can feel what you actually intended to share with us, so you are successful in making it effective.

    Keep it up :)

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