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Should I trade T. Rich for A.J Green?

I was offered A.J Green for Trent Richardson. I'm in a 14 team standard league. My RB's are T. Rich, CJ Spiller, L. Miller, Willis Mcgahee and Bryce Brown. My Receivers are Randall Cobb, A. Brown, Mike Williams, Rueben Randle and Marlon Brown. If I trade for AJ I will have to rely on my receivers to overcompensate for my horrible RB's. Or should I counter offer T. Rich and Mike williams for Stevan Ridley and AJ Green?

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    I would absolutely make the counter and see what he says. If he is not interested in that trade then do the even swap. CJ Spiller is going to come around and will be an RB1 for most of the season and I think Miller is still due for good things this year. Getting Ridly in this trade would be a huge asset. Maybe even float antonio brown with T Rich and see if that works.

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  • 7 years ago

    Yes Deff Richardson has done nothing this year

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