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How long doea it rake the united states postal service to cover 900 miles?

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    There is almost no delivery service, whether it is the posts office, UPS, Fed Ex or anything else, that sends packages in a straight line between any two points.

    The usual model is to go from the origin to a central regional location for sorting. From there is may go to a larger center for additional sorting, then it gets routed out to a location nearer the destination, and in small steps gets gradually closer to the destination.

    E.g. Fed Ex uses Memphis as its major sorting location. Even if you are sending a package from LA to Seattle, it will be flown to Memphis in the evening, sorted into the batch of all items destined for Washington state, then flown out to a regional center in the Northwest. Then it would be trucked to a local center and finally put onto a delivery vehicle.

    The post office is much the same. A package going between two cities 900 miles apart might travel 1800 miles to get there.

    We have no idea how long it will take or what route it will take. There is no standard time for a 900 mile trip.

    If you had mentioned the cities involved, then we could make some guesses - not that they would mean anything at all.

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