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advantages and disadvantages of metamorphosis?

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    Four Stages:

    One disadvantage of complete metamorphosis as compared to incomplete metamorphosis is time -- at least in some species. Although the time of complete metamorphosis varies from species to species, it always requires four stages prior to reaching the adult reproductive stage. Incomplete metamorphosis has only three stages. This delay in time prior to becoming reproductive can make spreading genes to future generations more challenging.

    Lack of Mobility During Development:

    Although insects undergoing complete metamorphosis have one distinctive food advantage -- namely, that they don't compete with adults of the same species for a similar diet -- there is still a large drawback. Out of the four stages -- egg, larva, pupa and adult -- only one stage features enhanced mobility. The egg and pupa stages are completely immobile, while the larva stage limits mobility. As insects undergoing incomplete metamorphosis resemble adults in looks and features, only the egg stage features complete immobility.


    Insects that undergo this have the pupa stage which lengthens the probability of survival during a young stage rather than being eaten.

    Also, it is due to metamorphosis that the food chain remains undisturbed because there are stages when the larvae consume a lot of food and the adult stage are mainly responsible for reproduction so they eat less .so not much consumption of food by the species.

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    Advantages Of Metamorphosis

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