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Trade L. Miller and J. Thomas for V. Jax? 12 t ppr?


I got a nice trade offer to give away Lamar Miller and J. Thomas for V. Jax. I really want to do this deal but V jax is hurt and going ot have a rookie Qb. this is as 12 team ppr league. the rest of my team looks like this:


RB: Forte

Rb: Bilal Powell

Wr: Calvin Johnson

Wr: Pierre Garcon

Flex: Bell

TE: Tony G

D: Jets

BN: Edelman, Lamar Miller, Michael Bush, Matt Shaub, Pierre THomas, Miles Austin, Julius Thomas

Thanks for the hel

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    No way. Who is going to throw the ball to V JAX? Also with the emergence of Mike Williams and Martin in the passing game, on top of all that he is injured. Bad deal for you in my opinion.

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